Thursday, April 05, 2007

Springtime, Rum & Raisin gelato, and other treats

Hi Everyone!
Recently we discovered a trail at the top of Santa Barbara Heights called Honda Open Space. I was delighted to see the narrow path that resembles a Swiss alpine trail. As we made our way around the first turn, we came across huge yellow flowers of a variety I've never seen before!
Another recent treat was an afternoon outing to Via Maestro 42, an Italian restaurant with the most sumptuous gelato, which is flown in from Italy! Hazelnut is one of my favorite flavors. This time I tried Rum & Raisin- YUM! Last night, we returned to Via Maestra 42 to try their pasta. The Ravioli Spinaci was out of this world! It has a sauce with a very creamy, lemony basil flavor. You have to try it to believe anything this yummy exists!
Today I discovered a new cafe on UCSB's campus. The campus was packed with parents and their teens doing tours at the Visitors Center. I walked all the way down to Goleta Pier, and then on returning to campus, I found the cafe. In the area of new buildings overlooking Goleta Beach, there is an area opposite the orange Theoretical Physics building (check out the amazing view from this building) where a stunning glass building forms a V, and there is grass in the middle, and chairs where you can sit outside. The cafe there cooks up some nice things, including crepes! Come here, and enjoy a meal. Single ladies: you might even meet a hunky engineer!


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