Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sunny Solvang, mysterious Knapps Castle

Hey Everyone! Check out my new entries! Solvang has a fantastic new playground built like a medieval castle with gingerbread house and little town where kids can play make-believe. It's called Sunny Fields Playground.
Nearby there is a lovely winery that is nice to visit with kids- Sunstone Winery. Gorgeous views, outdoor patio with a little fountain, and a wonderful cold cellar that you can walk into. We found a new place to eat in Solvang that is perfect for toddlers- they can walk around on the patio while you wait for your food- Paula's Pancakes. Delicious food, fast service, and lovely flower pots and views of Solvang's quaint buildings all around.
We went to Knapp's Castle. It's a short easy hike for kids and the views up there are amazing! Also the ruins of the mansion look gorgeous in their sandstone glory against the blue sky. It's fun to read about the history of the mansion when you get home. The drive to the trailhead is pretty too.
A nice weekday outing to do with your kids is Lake Los Carneros. It's a pretty place and you can feed the ducks, which kids love!

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