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Madison Blue Spring

North Florida, FL, USA


If you have found Madison Blue Spring, you have found paradise! Here a natural spring in the shape of a round pool leads to a sandy river beach on the Withlacoochee River. Nature here is so gorgeous that you will be inspired and so will your kids, who will run about in glee! Divers enjoy the tunnels below the water and you can watch as they make bubbly circles before they come up at the end of their dive. Two sets of stairs lead into the spring, making it easy to go for a dip. I like how this spring has been left in its natural form and not filled with concrete.
The color of the water in the spring is a glorious blue-green and cypress trees frame the pool with green.
At the river beach, little fish make their home in the shallow water. Kids can play "mud monster," throwing the goopy sand all about.
Madison Blue Spring is a perfect place to stop if you're on a long road trip to Georgia and you need a break from the car! It is 36 minutes south of Valdosta.

Photo Gallery

The blue-green water and the green trees. Magic!

Pretty light at the river beach, where the spring leads into the Withlacoochee River.

Cute fish in the shallow water where the spring meets the river.

Bubbles made by three divers as they prepare to surface.

Divers by the stairs after a dive to explore the tunnels.

The clear water what the spring meets the Withlacoochee River.

Where the spring meets the Withlacoochee River- paradise!


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Madison Blue Spring is located at 8300 Florda 6, Lee FL 32059. The road is also called NE State Road 6.
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