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Castle Playground, Winter Park

Orlando, FL, USA


Castle Playground is a large wooden castle playground at Martin Luther King Jr Park, also called Community Park. At this park, there is also a great exercise station with all kinds of interesting machines, on a pond. This is a beautiful spot to spend a few hours! The playground is covered by thick shade from gorgeous big trees. Kids can run from castle tower to castle tower. There are plenty of swings plus a tire swing, and a log tunnel to climb through. Beautiful birds of all kinds hang out by the pond. The exercise station had all kinds of contraptions we'd never seen before. At Castle Park kids and adults can get plenty of exercise while enjoying nature!
From Castle Playground, walk east along New England Ave to get to Park Ave, where you can eat at one of the sidewalk cafes and people watch. Or walk west on Morse Blvd to Lakeside where you can grab a picnic at Trader Joe's Market or eat a hot dog with a lovely lake view at Shake Shack.
An adorable playground also in Winter Park is Azalea Lane Playground, with a smaller, cozier feel, a popular spot with families.

Photo Gallery

Great blue heron by the pond at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, or Castle Park.

Looking up at the golden wooden playground and trees above.

Swings and tire swing.

The shade is so marvelous at Castle Playground!

Log to climb on or crawl in.

A boy climbs on the log.

Tire swing!

Exercise station!

Exercise station with a pond view.

Ibis standing by the pond.


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Castle Playground is also called Community Playground and is in Martin Luther King Jr Park, at 255 S. Denning Dr, Winter Park 32789.
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