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Butte aux Cailles neighborhood

Paris, , France


The Butte aux Cailles neighborhood is a maze of nice hilly streets to walk around. Little alleys look darling with their lampposts. Around every corner is a new sight of graffiti, done in artistic style, very pleasing to the eye! There is a delicious patisserie (without seating) where Rue Barrault meets Boulevard Auguste Blanqui- the pain au chocolat is perfection! Along Boulevard Auguste Blanqui is a sweet church called Saint Rosalie. Go inside and light a candle. At Place d'Italie there is a garden in the middle of the roundabout, Jardin Francoise Giroud, where people hang out and watch the goings on. On the south end of Place d'Italie is an indoor mall called Italie Deux. It has an upstairs terrace with restaurants. 
The Butte aux Cailles neighborhood is where Le Monde has its offices. After work, young professional people hang out in the bars and sit outside at the brasseries on Rue de la Butte aux Cailles. It's a very cool scene!
We enjoyed a delicious casual meal where you pay at the counter at French Cantine Paris, which is very cute inside.
It is a fifteen minute walk to a gorgeous park, Parc Montsouris.

Photo Gallery

Place d'Italie.

Cute buildings on Boulevard Auguste Blanqui.

View from our hotel, Timhotel, in the Butte aux Cailles neighborhood.

Lovely balcony at our hotel room, with cute alley below.

Graffiti on a narrow street.

Des Crepes and des Cailles restaurant serving Breton food.

There's some cool graffiti in this neighborhood!

La douce heure d'un cinq a sept. Interesting graffiti.

Adorable alley.

Star wars graffiti!

Alice in Wonderland graffiti!

Delightful lamppost.

A couple strolls along in the evening.

Accordion graffiti by a balcony.

The Butte aux Cailles neighborhood has a very distinct look to it.

Attractive buildings near the Place d'Italie.


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Sputnik Cafe-Bar, 14-16 Rue de la Butte aux Cailles, 75013 Paris.
French Cantine Paris, 8 Rue du Père Guérin, 75013 Paris.
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