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Yokohama Bay, Makaha

Oahu, Hawaii, United States


Yokohama Bay, or Keawa'ula Beach, is the last beach before the road ends in Makaha. It is in the countryside, with no condos or houses nearby, but only military land. It doesn't have as much of a shape as Makua Beach, which is shielded from the road by trees, but feels like it's just kind of a strip of sand along the road. In that way it's not really a bay. It's beautiful to look up at the mountain ridge above. The water is shallow enough for good swimming and crystal clear. It has occasional big waves even in summer, so swim near the lifeguard. There are showers and restrooms.
There is no shade except for a few trees by the lifeguard shack.
This beach was named Yokohama Bay after Japanese immigrants who used to fish here.
Do not leave anything you can't replace easily in your car or on the beach.
For a beautiful swim six minutes drive south, go to Makua Beach.

Photo Gallery

The restroom block and showers are across the road from the beach.

Swimming in the clear waters.

The mountains are beautiful!

The water is enticing!

Parking by the sand at Yokohama Bay.

Yokohama Bay, as seen from Ka'ena Point.


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Yokohama Bay is located at the end of Farrington Highway, before you get to Kaena Point, in Waianae. There is a parking lot on the mountain side of the road, with restrooms and showers. Or, even better, park on the ocean side of the road by the lifeguard shack, just 600 ft north of the parking lot, so that your car is safe. You can find this area by looking for the only trees on the beach, or the 10mph speed limit sign.
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