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Harbourside Place restaurants, Jupiter

Palm Beach, FL, USA


Jupiter Harbourside is a happening spot with a sunken amphitheater that serves as the central, colorful hangout spot. Here at night brightly lit fountains gurgle, or in the day the sun shines while kids run in a splash pad. BurgerFi (try the yummy veggie burgers made of Quinoa! Or for dessert, try the chocolate custard soft serve ice cream) and Bravo, a popular Italian restaurant frame this area. Live music amplifies the fun feeling. Come on a Friday night, usually 6-10pm, for tons of happy people and a great vibe. Occasionally there are movie nights in the amphitheater, on Fridays.
Harbourside has everything you could need! There are benches galore looking out on the water, including rocking benches that kids adore. Walkways lead past palm trees and pink hibiscus to docks where you can watch the boats, kayakers, and paddle boarders go happily by.
The architecture is modern and tropical, with Caribbean pastel colors. There is a breakfast place called Another Broken Egg Cafe, with tables and orange umbrellas out on the sidewalk. A frozen yogurt place called Johnny Swirls and coffee shop called Coffee Culture make for nice spots to hang out. There is also a Mexican restaurant, seafood restaurant, and Tommy Bahama Restaurant looking out on the water.
After your meal, take a long walk along the water (this can get confusing in some spots as the path abruptly stops and there are no signs to show you where to go next). Extend your walk by continuing under the bridge on Coastal Way, past mangroves and little gazebos on the river, past Cafe des Artistes, along the docks of Jupiter Yacht Club to the end of the docks and then over the lagoon bridge. A winding walkway takes you past mangroves and tropical vegetation (some of the older hotels are an eyesore here). Bring a friend because some parts of the walk are deserted. The walk takes you all the way to Jupiter Ridge Natural Area where you find a forest with white sandy floor and little strange fluffy things that grow beneath the trees, plus a beach on the intracoastal called Ski Beach.
The beginning of the Riverwalk is great for baby strollers as it is all nicely paved.
Sundays 10-3, you can stroll around the Green Market stalls at Harbourside and under the bridge.
Over the bridge, on Indiantown Rd, there is a nice Starbucks with lovely outdoor seating under fans, looking out on bright green palms.
Nearby check out Carlin Beach where you can lay on the sand or your child can play on the playground.

Photo Gallery

Sunny walkway on the water at Harbourside.

Cafes with tropical bright architecture.

Sculpture at Harbourside.

The stage at Christmastime.

Stroll along past the fishing boats at Harbourside.

Magical lights at the amphitheater.

Enjoying a drink on the patio at Bravo on a Saturday evening.

The dock near the stage, with a girl paddleboarding by.

Stand-up paddle boarders.

Walkway near the stage and docks.

Docks where the public are allowed to go.

Wooden rocking bench.

Shady spot to sit.

Walkway along the intracoastal.

Wyndham Grand, with views of the intracoastal.

Breakfast-goers eat outside at Another Broken Egg Cafe.

Attractive buildings near the coffee shop along Highway 1.

Guitar-player sculpture!

Game fish sculpture and rounded hotel front.

Pink hibiscus, walking path, and grass shack.

The tables outside BurgerFi.

Sun setting at the dock.

Warm January evening at the amphitheater.

Pretty lights in the trees at the amphitheater.

Saturday night crowd at Harbourside.

View of the river when you arrive at Coastal Way, south of the bridge.

Gazebo where you can enjoy romantic views of the water, near Coastal Way.

Colorful spot to eat, outside BurgerFi.

Splash pad by the stage!

The bright green palms you see sitting outside Starbucks which is on the other side of the bridge from Harbourside.

BurgerFi, and the lovely pastel blue parking structure.

View of Harbourside from the docks.

View of the circular buildings and bridge, from the dock.

It's nice to walk along the docks.

I love these palms!

Amazing tropical landscaping!

The stage looks amazing at night at Harbourside.

The Christmas lights are magical.

Palm tree and Christmas tree!

Palm trees at night!

Boats lit up in blue!


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Harbourside is located at 200 US Hwy 1, Jupiter FL 33477, northeast of the Indiantown Road Bridge. There is plenty of free (for two hours) parking in the structure.
Exit Highway 95 at Indiantown Rd and head toward the ocean. After you cross the bridge, turn left on US Highway 1 and then immediately left into Harbourside. Turn right and the parking structure is on your right.
BurgerFi, 147 Soundings Ave, Jupiter FL 33477, call (561) 203-7438.
Johnny Swirls frozen yogurt, 120 N. Coastal Way.
Another Broken Egg Cafe, 117 N. Coastal Way.
To go only to Jupiter Riverwalk event plaza or Cafe des Artistes, you can park at 124 Coastal Way, Jupiter FL 33477.
Exit Highway 95 at Indiantown Rd and head toward the ocean. After you cross the bridge, turn right on US Highway 1 and then immediately right on Coastal Way. Pass the buildings and there is a free parking lot on your right.
Cafe des Artistes (closed in summer), 318 U.S. Highway 1 #101, Jupiter FL 33477, call (561) 747-0998.
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