Downtown Flagstaff

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Downtown Flagstaff
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Flagstaff is a youthful city and that is its main appeal. The look of the city is incredibly barren and stark, with very little that's pretty to see. The air is also thin and dry, making you feel like you're not getting enough oxygen. And of course, it's cold! 

But if you find yourself in Flagstaff, a nice thing to do is eat the great pizza at Fratelli in Southside, surrounded by students and other happy people. The streets will not be nice to stroll around, but once inside you will enjoy yourself.  
Another cool place in Southside is Macy's European Coffeehouse Bakery.
On the north side of downtown (north of Hwy 40), check out the first few blocks of Beaver Street, Leroux Street, and San Francisco St, where you will find some historic storefronts that are pleasant and some nice cafes and coffee shops. Bright Side Bookshop is an independent bookstore with new books! 
For a beautiful new development, drive five minutes to Aspen Place at the Sawmill, built on a former sawmill, where you can sit in Wildflower Bread Company by their fireplace and look out the huge windows. They have great breakfast sandwiches and bakery items.
For a playground with everything a kid could want, head over to Thorpe Park.
If you're in Flagstaff, you're near one of the most beautiful places on earth! Make sure you take the stunning Oak Creek Canyon drive forty-five minutes to the magical town of Sedona.
If you're heading east from Flagstaff on Highway 40, definitely stop at Meteor Crater Natural Landmark. It's amazing to see how huge this meteorite impact site is!! You pay to enter and there is a great discovery center and movie to watch. Also fantastic is to stop at Painted Desert, 1 hour 45 mins east of Flagstaff.

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Mountain views in the background.

Solstice Custom Guitars, in Southside.

Altitudes Bar and Grill, in Southside neighborhood.

Northside, on San Francisco St.

Bookshop on the north side of downtown.


Fratelli Pizza,  119 W Phoenix Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.
Bright Side Bookshop, 18 N San Francisco St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.


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