Meteor Crater Natural Landmark

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Meteor Crater Natural Landmark
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Meteor Crater Natural Landmark is a huge, mind-boggling meteor crater owned privately by a family. It is located about 40 minutes east of Flagstaff along Highway 40. You pay to enter and you can stand on the rim and feel the incredible enormity of the crater. The meteor pushed the earth way up on all sides when it landed here! You can walk along the crater, stopping at three different lookouts to read the plaques or look through binoculars. Inside there is an air-conditioned museum that explains the history of the crater, research that has been done here, and shows photos of other meteor landings around the world. You can touch a large meteorite fragment, a part of the meteor that formed this crater, which is silvery and black. On cold days, you can also view the crater from inside. There is an excellent movie with modeling of what it would have looked like when the meteor collided with earth.
Definitely make a stop here if you're traveling on Highway 40. It is an awesome stop!! This stop is seven minutes from Highway 40 so it only adds fifteen minutes driving time to your trip.

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Walking beside the crater.

The impact made such a deep canyon!

Visitor check out the meteor impact site.

Driving up to the meteor crater.

Walking along the path to another viewing station.

A fragment of the meteor that created Meteor Crater.

Historic photo of a meteor!

Sources not yet known to man...

In February 2013, a meteor exploded in a flash of light over Russia.

A father and daughter check out the exhibits in the visitor center.

Explanation of what happens before impact.


Meteor Crater Natural Landmark is located at Interstate 40 (exit 233), Winslow, AZ 86047.
Open daily 8-5. During summer, open 7-7. Closed Christmas Day.
Admission is $18 for adults, $16 for seniors, $9 for students aged 6-17 and non-active military, and free for active military.


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