Paradise Valley and Camelback Mtn, Phoenix

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Paradise Valley and Camelback Mtn, Phoenix
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If you're in the area, head south down Tatum Blvd, from about Cactus Rd. You will pass lovely neighborhoods brightened by pink and white oleander bushes, blossoming palo verde trees, and green wispy palms. You will come to a T, and then directly before your eyes is the amazing and gorgeous rust-colored rock formation, Camelback Mountain. The northwestern portion of the mountain, which you see here, is a cap of sedimentary rock. Stones and small gravel are glued together by appealing red silt stone.
While in the area, take your kids for a great play at a very special park, McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, where they can play on a huge playground with cooling misters, ride a mini-rail, go on a carousel, walk in an old railcar, and play a wild west shootout game in a miniature wild west town.

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Head south down Tatum Blvd, from Cactus Rd.
To get to the beginning of this pretty drive, from Highway 10 Eastbound, take Highway 51 North. Exit at Cactus Rd, and head east. Then turn right on Tatum Blvd and enjoy the short drive south down Tatum Blvd.
Scroll down to Phoenician Golf Course on the map below and hit "satellite." You will see the wonderful red rocks.


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Fri, 23 Oct 2009

83 days to go- can't come fast enough for me!

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