Tucson Botanical Gardens

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Tucson Botanical Gardens
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Tucson Botanical Gardens is a lovely place to go for a slow stroll in the morning. It is small and manageable. Even in summer it is cool enough in the morning to come early and have a walk. It's smart that the garden has such early hours.

There are many different areas, with unusual plants and cute decor. Kids like the model railroad that they can turn on with a button. There is also a kid's garden with colorful butterfly sculpture. The herb garden has blue and white tiles, and of course, delightful fragrances. The Spanish garden has cute decorations hanging from the trees. Tall saguaro cacti, prickly pear cacti, large barrel cacti, and teddy bear cholla are all a pleasure to behold. Feather cactus looks so furry and interesting. The desert has such beautiful plants.
There is a gift shop that is very nice to browse.
Sauce, a counter-service cafe with modern decor, is a good place to eat, ten minutes from the garden.
Also great in Tucson is the Pima Air and Space Museum, where kids can climb inside the cockpits of planes and helicopters, and direct an air traffic control tower!

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Model train kids can start with a button.

The model train is fun to watch.

Shaded area with pots of small cacti.

Prickly pear cactus.

Feather cactus looks so furry and interesting.

Close-up of cactus.

Saguaro cacti are the cutest of all.

Teddy bear cholla catching the light.

Spanish fountain

Interesting cactus.

Artichoke agave.

Amazing golden barrel cactus.

Pink trumpet flowers.

South African aloe.

Bronze gate.

Pleasant walkway.

Decorations on trees in the Spanish garden.

Who says the desert isn't green?

Rain chains, invented in Japan, direct the flow of water from the structure to the landscape.

Blue tile decoration in the herb garden.

The herb garden.

Bench in a canopy of trees.

Chairs under grapefruit trees.


Tucson Botanical Gardens is located 2150 N. Alvernon Way, Tucson AZ 85712, call (520) 326-9686.
Open M-F 7:30-4:30, Sat and Sun 6:30-4:30.
Admission prices vary by time of year. Summer price is $9, whereas Oct-May price is $13. Students and seniors pay $8/$12. Kids enter for $5/$7.50. Children 3 and under enter for free.


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