A Day at the Courthouse...

A Day at the Courthouse...
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No, I wasn't arrested. But I did spend the day at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse! It was wonderful, too! I went on the tour. Usually I find tours to be a bit slow and boring, but this tour was fantastic, and I learned so much about Santa Barbara! The courthouse is so exquisitely beautiful. Every detail amazes me. And the tour described the symbolic significance behind each little detail.
After taking photos at the courthouse, I had a yummy lunch at Coffee Cat, and then headed over to La Arcada. La Arcada is a Spanish paseo and courtyard that is so beautiful! When I first moved to Santa Barbara, my date took me to La Arcada at night, and I'll never forget how magical it looked. I'll also never forget how even the parking lots in Santa Barbara, the ones near State Street, are beautiful, with Spanish archways, and little rose-shaped windows. On my first date in Santa Barbara, we ate at Pallazio. It's a great date place! An Italian restaurant with painted ceilings, and the yummiest buttery garlic rolls!
Well, gotta go- hope you like the new entries!
Oh, check out my elephant photo in the new Santa Barbara Zoo entry!


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