Books, Wonderful Books!

Books, Wonderful Books!
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Hey Everyone! I've been putting up some of the books that can add to your child's travel experience. A children's book about Arizona, Cactus Hotel, that has become a beloved favorite of ours is up on the Montezuma's Castle page. And the colorful board books that my mom, Ellie Crowe, writes about Hawaii can get your kids excited for their trip. See three of her best sellers on my Waikiki Aquarium page. I absolutely love my mom's first published book, Little Princess Kaiulani, which I posted on the Duke Kahanamoku Statue Beach page, along with her award-winning book about Duke called Surfer of the Century. Kamehameha, the Boy Who Became a Warrior King, is a magical book with stunning illustrations, about King Kamehameha's childhood in Waipio Valley. Once when we were visiting our old town in Florida, we saw my mom's book in the Loggerhead Marinelife Center gift shop (photo above)! We were so excited.
For adults, check out my mom's book on ancient Hawaiian traditions practised at the sites you visit, Exploring Lost Oahu, on the Makua Beach page. It's always wonderful when you travel to know the history- it makes your trip so much more rich.


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Ellie Crowe

Thu, 14 Mar 2024

Nice to see my books getting a mention on Lotsafunmaps! I’m glad you liked them. Hawai’i certainly has a strange and fascinating history.

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