Frisbee Fun at Chase Palm Park!

Frisbee Fun at Chase Palm Park!
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Hey Everyone! Our son is back so yesterday we took him to Chase Palm Park, and I made an entry! We played some frisbee, which was lots of fun! And then we walked back to our car near the Cabrillo Bike Path. It sure was a beautiful sunny day which made for some nice photos! Check out the new entries! Today I'll be making some more for you!
One thing that made me sad was a young couple I saw while stopping in at the tourist office. They had driven all the way to Santa Barbara and found that the youth hostel was full. The lady at the tourist office was telling them that the next lowest priced accommodation was $79 for a room with a shared bath. They looked very disappointed and were trying to figure out where to go nearby to get cheaper accommodation. I wanted to tell them of an option but couldn't think of anywhere nearby where it would be much cheaper than $79. What a shame! They missed out on seeing beautiful Santa Barbara! It made me realize that we need some more affordable accommodation here. It's the same in Hawaii but worse. They don't even have a Motel 6 there. The lowest priced accommodation is more like $150 probably.
So, if you plan to come, book way ahead so that you don't miss out!


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