Tough Job

Tough Job
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Part of our job is of course to check out everything we put on this map. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. Yesterday we visited west beach and the harbor. We went to the endless summer bar for the first time and we were quite pleasantly surprised. It's a great atmosphere with friendly people. We sat at the bar and sipped some drinks. Boy, they pour a stiff margarita :-)
Next to us sat a fisher man by the name of Jim. Jim is a long time local who fishes around the channel islands for Sea Urchins (apparently their reproductive organs are a delicacy,.. eewww). Anyway as a long time sailor he had a lot of great stories. Including one where he apparently caught a 17 foot shark. He said it was a couple of years after Jaws and they tugged it into Santa Barbara harbor, lots of media present. I spent 30 minutes this morning scouring the internet but was unable to find any reference to this event, sadly.
It's been very hot in Santa Barbara (and all of CA for that matter) lately and at the bar some electric circuits started to fry! The fire department even came out in full gear. Though the bar was never evacuated we did smell smoldering plastic. It was a great night and we'll be back for some more of those margaritas.
- Ron


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