Vilano Beach, Saint Augustine

North Florida

Vilano Beach is a pretty beach near St. Augustine town, with views of the black and white striped St. Augustine lighthouse and white dunes across the water. The sand is hard-packed with oil streaks near the shore, and there are crushed shells further back on the sand. Tourists from the South gather here in the summer to enjoy the warm water and fun atmosphere. You can park your 4X4 car on the sand which makes it easy to access all your beach gear. If you walk down the beach you will find plenty of fishermen enjoying a quiet day at the shore. Large beachhouses line up at the far end of the long swath of sand. Kids enjoy looking for crabs by the jetty. For some reason the beaches in this area all the way down to Cocoa Beach are kind of hazy, which makes the colors of the sand and water washed out. It's a short drive over the causeway to St. Augustine town where you can see sumptuous architecture and plenty of touristy (many are tacky) attractions.

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Mother and child at the shore enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Crab and colorful pebbles in the sand.

The stripey lighthouse across the water.

Father and son fishing.

A family on summer holiday.

Oil streaks at the shore.

Shells in the sand.

Red lifeguard chair.

You can park your 4X4 car on the sand for easy access to your gear.

4X4 only sign.

White morning glories on the dunes.

Wooden walkway to the sand.

Colorful blue checker pavement on Vilano Rd.

Gazebo by the dunes.

Cute blue checker pavement on Vilano Rd, and slanted parking spaces.

Vilano Beach is located at the end of Vilano Rd. Take the Vilano causeway toward the ocean. At the end of the road, turn right on the Coastal Hwy. Immediately turn left on Vilano Rd and park along the road. To find it with your GPS, type in 80 Vilano Rd, St Augustine FL 32084.

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