Brevard Zoo Linear Park walking path

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Cocoa Beach
Brevard Zoo Linear Park walking path
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Brevard Zoo Linear Park is a free wooden boardwalk where you can walk or bike for one mile each way. There is pretty, almost beachy, vegetation here. Sometimes you can hear the freeway, which is a shame, and sometimes there is no shade (come early in the day to get more shade). Lots of people use this trail so you feel safe. Check out the yellow flowers and endless blue sky.

The path runs along a small part of the Atlantic Coast Ridge, a rock formation that stretches from the Florida Keys to Southern Georgia. This ridge has served as a natural pathway above the swampy lowlands for hundreds of thousands of years.
This path is at the end of the driveway for Brevard Zoo, a wonderful place to visit with lots of play equipment for kids.
For lunch, eat at The Avenue in Viera, an outdoor mall where you can sit outside in a pretty courtyard at Panera Bread or eat Greek food at Olive Tree Greek Grill. It is a nine minute drive north.
After, check out Hightower Beach, an 18 minute drive to the southeast. Or more fun, spend a day at Cocoa Beach where there is always something fun going on! It is 27 minutes away, to the northeast.

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The beginning of the path.

A man walks the path.

Yellow flower, bee, and fly.

Flowers and bench along the path.

Unfortunately you can hear the freeway.

Bike riders on a shadeless section of the path.

Flowers, pine trees, and a walker in the distance.

Pine tree and palmetto.

There is some shade.

Sweet flowers.

A section of concrete path and pampas grass.

Wildflowers in the grass.


Brevard Zoo Linear Park is located near the end of Murrell Road. You drive in to the driveway for Brevard Zoo but continue on past the zoo parking lot. Then there is parking along the road and the trail starts at a small roundabout. The trail goes for one mile there and one mile back.
Open 7am-7pm.


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