Brevard Zoo, Melbourne

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Brevard Zoo, Melbourne
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Brevard Zoo is an awesome zoo! The animals have lots of room to roam. Florida lends itself nicely to zoos because there are jungles and waterways everywhere, so the "habitats" are already made! This zoo takes advantage of the gorgeous natural environment, and adds on attractive boardwalks that take you from one exhibit to the next. You are under lush, tall jungle, ziplines and a canopy walk. It's fun!

Another wonderful feature of Brevard Zoo is that there are interactive things for kids to do. There is a pirate area where kids lift up the lids of treasure chests and read about animals. A splash pad with an ocean theme, manatee sculpture, whale to slide inside, and boat to wobble into, adds summertime fun. There is a wooden playground area where kids can run inside and climb down a rope tunnel. Huge bamboo sticks, tarps, and an old tree trunk provide a spot where kids can build forts, just as they would if they didn't grow up in the manicured 'burbs. A sand pit with "turtle eggs" in the sand and turtle shells kids can wear on their backs leads to endless imaginative play. Above the sand pit, kids whizz by on the zipline, adding an element of surprise every few minutes! The petting zoo has furry, soft alpacas with funny faces and pygmy goats, all a ton of fun to interact with.
The animal exhibits are organized into four circular boardwalks, each with a different geographical theme. There is an Africa, Australia, Florida, and Rainforest area. In the Australia area are emus, wallabies (little kangaroos), and a cassowary, an amazing flightless bird from Papua New Guinea with black feathers and a rainbow turquoise neck. Africa has a great exhibit where you look down on Rhinos and they are so close to you! It's incredible to see the wrinkly skin around their ears and their formidable horns, and it's fun to watch them roll in the mud. There are also deer, interesting flightless birds, and giraffes. The rainforest area has some weird-looking animals, like capybaras, plus colorful macaws. The spider monkeys are deft at swinging while they hold on with only their tails! 
In the center of the zoo is an eating area with nice outdoor tables among tropical foliage and beside the flamingo pond. You can also ride a mini-train from this area.
For a long walk, check out Brevard Zoo Linear Park, a free boardwalk with beachy vegetation and lots of people walking or biking by. 
For lunch, eat at The Avenue in Viera, an outdoor mall where you can sit outside in a pretty courtyard at Panera Bread or eat Greek food at Olive Tree Greek Grill. It is a nine minute drive north.
After, check out Hightower Beach, an 18 minute drive to the southeast. Or more fun, spend a day at Cocoa Beach where there is always something fun going on! It is 27 minutes away, to the northeast.

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Boardwalk under jungle vines and canopy walk.

Flamingo lagoon.

Large bird in the Africa exhibit.

Deer in the Africa exhibit.

Scarlet Macaw.

Rhino eating hay.

Three rhinos standing in a row.

Baobab tree you walk through to get to the Africa area.

Attractive lookout area at the Africa exhibit.

Wallabies look beautiful catching the afternoon sunlight.

The Hyacinth Macaw is large so he can eat Brazil nut pods and coconuts.

Rhino playing in the mud.

A boy and his dad take delight in the petting zoo.

Sisters petting an alpaca.

Building a fort!

Run run run on the playground!

Dig and scoop in the sand pit!

Shoot above the treetops on the zipline!

Looking up at the zipline from the sand pit area.

A son and his dad take a pause between ziplines.

Wobbly boat in the splash area.

Splash pad and Caribbean architecture.

Clues inside a treasure chest in the pirate area.


Brevard Zoo is located at 8225 N. Wickham Rd, Melbourne FL 32940, call (321) 254-9453.
Admission is $20 for adults, $19 for seniors, $15 for kids aged 3-11, and free for kids under three. Zipline packages cost more.
Open 9:30-5 daily. Closed on Thankgiving (fourth Thurs in Nov) and Dec 25. Closes at 3pm on special event days. Closed on 12/1/18 and 12/2/18 for special events.


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Thu, 16 Apr 2015

Pretty cool little zoo we go almost every month fills the whole day

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