Manatee Sanctuary Park, Cape Canaveral

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Cocoa Beach
Manatee Sanctuary Park, Cape Canaveral
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Manatee Sanctuary Park is a pretty spot! It is planted with an abundance of coconut palms and other tropical trees, and there are turtle and manatee sculptures. There are wooden boardwalks along the water, with shade gazebos. The water is brown, like always along the Banana River (intracoastal in Brevard county). It's lovely to hear the water lapping on the shore. 

There is a walkway around the park, and you can rent bikes with a credit card from the bike stand in the parking lot. Workout stations are situated along the path.
The cool thing about this park is the playground! It has a swing in which babies and mommies can swing facing each other! It is so adorable! Babies squeal with delight and so do the moms. What joy!! I have never seen a swing like this- definitely give this park a visit!
The playground has other unusual features, like a chair and table area that stick out the side, parachute squigglies, a huge button that you turn clockwise to make clicking sounds, hanging stepping stones, and other climbies.
After, head over to Cherie Down Beach to play in the amazing hard sand that is so good for sand play! Bring plenty of shapes to use for your play session!
Lastly, have lunch at The Cove, where the cruise ships park.

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Little fat palm.

Alligator bike stand!

Turtle sculpture.

Manatee sculpture.

Walkway over the water.

Walkway leading to a gazebo.

Looking down at the water from the gazebo.


Table area at the playground.

Parachute area at the play structure.

Parachute man you can slide down the wavy line.

Palm trees!

Picnic table.

Bench and gazebo.

The walkway and workout station.

Wildflowers in the grass.

The turtle sculpture and shimmering palms.

Skinny palms.

Bikes you can rent.


Manatee Sanctuary Park is located at 701 Thurm Blvd, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920. There are restrooms and free parking!


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