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Melbourne town
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In Melbourne you will find a cute main strip, on East New Haven Ave, with nice restaurants. Le Crepe has delicious dinner crepes (and dessert crepes!) made by a chef from Brittany, France. You can sit in the cute little craftsman house while looking out the big windows. Mainstreet Pub has a large second level balcony packed with people enjoying themselves. Flower boxes hang off the balcony railings. Jacqueline's Bakery is a French bakery with good pain au chocolat, though the hum of the refrigerators and the lighting isn't the best. This main strip is quite a lucky find on the space coast, which overall has quite a rundown, less-than-cosmopolitan feel.

There are some cute shops as well, such as Julie's British shoppe with knick knacks from England, Rain Tree, a gift shop with a hippie feel, and Creative Energy, a store for enchanted gifts!
After eating or shopping, walk over to Crane Creek Promenade where you can walk along the water and look for manatees. You can check out the names of the boats in the marina, and then end your walk at Claude Edge Front Street Park, where big trees, grass, and benches offer a serene spot on the intracoastal. 
If you follow the main road toward the coast, it ends at James Nance Beach Park in Indiaatlantic.
Just north of there is another nice beach, with a playground, Paradise Beach Park.

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La Crepe cafe.

La Crepe, on East New Haven Ave.

Outdoor seating under a tree, at La Crepe.

Big windows inside La Crepe.

Historic building on East New Haven Ave.

Julie's British Shoppe.

East New Haven Avenue is the main strip.

Irish pub.

Inside Raintree Gift Shop.

Palms and salmon pink arches.

Outside Jacqueline's Bakery.


The main strip of Melbourne is located on E. New Haven Ave, which branches off from Highway 192 five miles in from the freeway.
La Crepe, 707 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901.
Mainstreet Pub, 705 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901.
The Mansion, 1218 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901.


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