Peacock Beach, Cape Canaveral

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Peacock Beach, Cape Canaveral
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As you drive to Peacock Beach you find out why it's named this way- there are lots of peacocks in the neighborhood! They are beautiful but make the most awful sound! 

The most handy thing about Peacock Beach is that you can park here for free and then walk to Jetty Park along the beach. Usually it costs $15 to park at Jetty Park so this is the best way to access it for free. The walk is about 20 minutes (0.7 miles one way) along the shore. Bring a parasol or wear a hat so you don't get sunburned.
Peacock Beach has lovely white sand at the dunes, and pretty flowers. The shoreline, however, is a bit grody- I guess from the proximity to the port. There are some shells but they are mostly broken and not the prettiest. 
Once you near Jetty Park, you walk over the dunes to get to the pathway onto the jetty. It's very pretty here, with flowers of different kinds, and little white dunes all around you. 
At the jetty it is absolutely lovely! Here you can see dozens of pelicans bobbing around in the water! Photographers gather to get a good shot, while fishermen wait for the next bite. It's a fun scene. 
At the base of the jetty, you come to a snack shop and a 24,000 pound former anchor from Royal Caribbean cruise ship. There is also a playground nearby, and a little path that leads in a shady tunnel of sea grape trees back to a beach access path.
Swimming is quite rough at this beach but kids have a lot of fun playing in the sand.
I don't know why they have so few beach amenities on the space coast- this beach has no showers or tap to wash sand off your feet, and no restrooms. There is a lifeguard shack further north up the beach.
This beach is very polluted. There are nicer beaches if you head away from the port.

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Peacock in the neighborhood.

Hibiscus flowers in the neighborhood.

Surfboard bike rack at the beach entrance.

Heading over the boardwalk to the beach!

Birds in formation by cool tall plants!

Wildflowers at the dunes.

Dune wildflower.

Vines growing on the dunes.

Lovely water.

Driftwood at the shore.

Lifeguard shack and buggy.

The dunes are magical near the jetty.

Wildflowers near the jetty.

The jetty, and photographers getting shots.

I love pelicans!

Interesting rock.

Stripey rocks.

Pelicans bobbing near the jetty.

Pelicans in the water between the rock wall and the pier.

Pelicans on the rocks.

Pelicans hanging out together in the sun.

A pelican flies by.

Pelican on a rock by spraying water.

Silvery light and a lone pelican.

Pelicans and their fluffy crowns.

Two pelicans on the rocks.

Royal Caribbean 24,000 pound anchor.

The tunnel of sea grape trees leading from the jetty back to a beach entrance.

Dunes and sea oats.

You can rent chairs and umbrellas.

Chairs and umbrellas for rent.

Seagulls checking out the water.

Foam along the shore.

The cruise ship coming into port almost looks like it's on the sand!

This is not the best beach- but worth it if you go see the pelicans.

A couple walks along the beach.

A dad teaches his daughter to surf.


Peacock Beach is located at 401 Harbor Drive, Cape Canaveral 32920.


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