Riverside Park, New Smyrna Beach

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Riverside Park, New Smyrna Beach
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Riverside Park, in New Smyrna Beach, is a huge park on the river with many pleasing features. There is a wonderful, creative playground, in the style of a wooden playground. It has a pirate ship and lots of fun areas to explore. Just the playground alone is a destination. 

To the side of the park is a place where you can enjoy the river breeze under the shade of a giant cement overpass. Fishermen hang here. This part doesn't always feel that safe so bring a friend.
There is a war memorial on the other end, and many little alcoves on the river where fishermen try their luck. Brannon Center, an event center that hosts weddings and small concerts, is also located here. At night it's beautiful with its lights reflecting in the water. 
An interesting feature of the park is the white Greek pavilion, called AHEPA Odyssey Memorial, with colorful stained glass arches. Here there are plaques educating you about the troubles the Greek settlers faced when they came to New Smyrna. It's a gripping story. At night the pavilion must be beautiful with its lights along the black marble floor.
This park is a little barren as far as trees go, especially in the summer heat.
After, check out the walkable area of New Smyrna Beach on Flagler Ave, by the sea. It's a lovely little street full of cafes and gift shops, ending at Flagler Ave Boardwalk, which is a long pavilion with views of the sea. There are oceanview restaurants as well.
For an even more natural river area away from the town, check out River Breeze Park, 17 minutes drive south.

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Docks you see on the drive to the park.

The park is under the bridge.

Fishermen enjoying the good location.

The playground is awesome.

Wooden boardwalk along the intracoastal.

The swings.

Tire swing.

War memorial.

Flowers and the bridge in the distance.

The AHEPA Odyssey Memorial, a white pavilion describes how "the mosquitoes were merciless."

At night this must look great...lights leading to the Odyssey Memorial.

Stained glass in the AHEPA Odyssey Memorial.

Beautiful Greek pavilion.


Riverside Park is located at 105 S. Riverside Dr, New Smyrna Beach FL. There is plenty of parking along the road.


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