Eastern Sierras

Rushing rivers, clear glacial lakes, mountain vistas, fun fish hatcheries, and small desert towns. 

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Big Pine Creek North Fork Trail, Eastern Sierras

Gorgeous hike along a stream under towering pines and soaring mountain views.

Death Valley (5 hours from LA)

Amazing geological formations in a barren valley rich in history.

Gem Lake Hike, Eastern Sierras

Incredible hike with wildflowers to a crystal clear lake surrounded by jagged mountains and snow.

Lone Pine town (3hrs nth of LA)

Cute roadside town with glorious mountain views.

Bishop town, Eastern Sierras

Roadside town with bookstore, frozen yogurt, and coffee shop.

Fish Springs Hatchery, Big Pine

Fish hatchery in the desert where you can see trout of all different sizes.

Eastern California Museum, Eastern Sierras

Humble museum with fascinating exhibits, something for everyone.

Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery, Eastern Sierras

Beautiful German building at a former fish hatchery with gorgeous views of the mountains.

Indian Wells Soda (2.5 hours from LA)

Fun place to stop with the kids. Taste different flavors of soda.

Red Rock Canyon (2hrs nth of LA)

Beautiful red rocks. Nice for a stop or a trail walk.

Kelso Dunes (4 hours from LA)

Huge sand dunes that make a sound when you walk on them. Quite far from the trailhead. Extremely vigorous walk.

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