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Trader Joe's Grocery Store, Naples

Fort Myers, FL
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Trader Joe's Grocery Store, Naples, Fort Myers FL


The first town in the state to receive a Trader Joe's Grocery Store was Naples! This is a nationwide store very familiar to Californians that is owned by a German company. It is unique in that it offers organic produce and staple foods, as well as wines, at low prices. The stores are small with only a few variations of each item, such as just a few versions of peanut butter instead of thirty. This makes shopping easy and pleasant. It also means the food is fresh because there is such high turnaround and items are constantly re-stocked. Lighting is dim and the store is incredibly clean. There are colorful murals of local places on the walls and the staff wear tropical-themed t-shirts. What is particularly great is that prices are so fair that you can grab any item off the shelf without having to check the price- you won't be ripped off- in contrast to Whole Foods Market where you have to be extra careful what you choose. This makes for stress-free shopping! On top of that, you can grab anything off the shelf and know that it won't have trans fats, genetically-modified ingredients, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, or gnarly additives. Also the seafood offered is sustainable. Every item is made with natural ingredients that won't slowly kill you! This makes shopping at Trader Joe's so much more pleasant than shopping at regular grocery stores where ingredient lists can be scary.
For kids, the staff hides a stuffed animal somewhere on one of the shelves or decorations in the store. At the checkout, your child can say where the stuffed animal (a manatee in this store) is and receive a lollipop.
The staff at Trader Joe's stores are usually young college students and recent graduates who are paid above average wages, full of energy and ready to greet you with friendly conversation. This also makes you want to return every week!
And lastly, because the owners of these stores are German, there are yummy European treats of all varieties.
Some items at Trader Joe's are so much better than by other brands, such as the organic raisins, that taste grainy from other stores but are plump at Trader Joe's. Other foods, like their prepared Indian dinners and curry sauces aren't my favorite.
Trader Joe's stores are also found in West Palm Beach, Pinecrest, Tallahassee, and Tampa!


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Sunflowers for sale at Trader Joe's.
Sunflowers for sale at Trader Joe's.
A manatee stuffed animal is hidden on the wall by the Two Buck Chuck ($2.99 Charles Shaw wine).
A manatee stuffed animal is hidden on the wall by the Two Buck Chuck ($2.99 Charles Shaw wine).
The inviting exterior of Trader Joe's- feels just like home to a Californian!
The inviting exterior of Trader Joe's- feels just like home to a Californian!


Trader Joe's is located at 10600 Tamiami Trail North (Hwy 41), Naples, FL 34108, call (239) 596-5631. It is in a shopping plaza directly on Highway 41 and has a yellow exterior. There is a sign out on the street near the driveway.

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