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Garfield Park, Pasadena

Los Angeles, CA
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Garfield Park, Pasadena, Los Angeles California


Your eyes are treated to the deepest green as you look upon Garfield Park! Hilly lawns, shady old growth trees and lantern-style lampposts create a magical effect. A playground (best for kids 5 and under) full of happy families makes this the perfect spot to be!
After playing for a while, head over to Old Town Pasadena to grab a frozen yogurt, browse the great collection of stores, or sit in the morning sun at Starbucks.


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There's plenty of grass at Garfield Park.
There's plenty of grass at Garfield Park.
A nice place to relax.
A nice place to relax.


Garfield Park is located at 1750 Mission St, Pasadena CA 91030, on the corner of Mission St and Park Ave. There is parking along the road on Mission St.

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