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Red Rock Canyon (2hrs nth of LA)

Los Angeles, CA
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Red Rock Canyon (2hrs nth of LA), Los Angeles California


In the middle of the stark desert, there is a small area of red rocks! Here you can stop and enjoy the pretty sight, or take a trail walk. At sunset it's particularly beautiful.
There are outhouse restrooms here.
Another nice stop, twenty minutes north, is Indian Wells Brewing Company, where you can taste their unusual flavored sodas and admire their silly roadside sights such as a skeleton driving a truck.
2 hours north and another 25 minutes west, go for a hike you will always remember at Big Pine Creek North Fork Trail, a gorgeous place under towering pines and soaring mountain views!
A nice roadside town with a bakery, frozen yogurt place, bookstore, and coffee shop is Bishop, 2 hrs 11 minutes north.


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Looking to the left.
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Red Rock Canyon State Park Visitor Center is located at 37749 Abbott Dr, Cantil CA 93519.
The address here doesn't really take you to the best spot. Instead, follow these directions: Pull off Highway 14 toward the east. If going north, you will see a road on your right by a brown sign that says Red Rock Canyon Ricardo Campground Visitor Center. You must go very slow in order to make this sharp right turn.
If going south you will see a sign for Ricardo campground but don't turn right there. Instead, turn left at the next left turn lane.
Getting off this fast highway is kind of hair-raising so you have to decide if this short stop is worth it.

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