UCLA campus

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Los Angeles, CA
UCLA campus
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UCLA is a gorgeous campus! Walking around Dickson Court looking at Royce Hall and Powell Library, you feel you've been transported to Europe! It feels even more this way on a warm spring evening when students are bustling around and everything feels right with the world.

There are plenty of beautiful places to hang out on campus. In the southern part of campus, there is Bruin square with its bear sculpture and the UCLA bookstore covered in ivy. To the east is Mathias Botanical Garden, with incredible old trees from all over the globe, a stream, tropical plants, and flowers. By the Music building and Psychology building (Franz Hall) is the inverted fountain, where water rushes into a large circle. People sit here under tall pine trees.
The crowning jewel of the UCLA campus is the Dickson Court area, with Royce Hall and Powell Library. A very tall staircase, Janss Steps, leads to this upper section of campus. Stop and check out the free Fowler Museum here with its collections of interesting artifacts from around the world, and in the spring its blossoming trees. A huge sloping lawn dotted with plenty of trees leads down from this area. Students sit and study or text in this amazing spot.
Powell Library and Royce Hall were constructed in 1929 and were two of the original four buildings on campus. They face each other, with the quad in the middle. Modeled after the Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio in Milan, the buildings are lit up beautifully at night. Royce Hall has a concert hall with a pipe organ and Steinway piano. Powell Library's entrance lobby is adorned with stunning mosaics.
Just a few minutes walk north of Dickson Court is the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden, near Broad Art Center. It is a blissfully peaceful spot, where students hang out on the lawn among little flowers and petals from the blossoming trees. It's nice to check out each sculpture including the one with water features and a reflection pool. There are plenty of places to grab a snack around here.
South of the campus, past the medical buildings (a fifteen minute walk), there is a beautiful area called Westwood Village. It is full of bakeries, cafes filled with students, and shops. At night, the trees are lit up making a magical atmosphere.
The Hammer Museum is located in Westwood Village, and has one gallery devoted to its permanent collection of late 19th century European art, plus plenty of temporary modern art exhibits.

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Tall staircase on the southern end of the campus.

The UCLA bookstore.

The Bruin statue!

Bruin Plaza.

A student services building in Bruin Plaza.

Ivy-covered building.

Flowers at the base of a tree.

Very green!

The beautiful architecture of the Student Activities Center. There is a pool here.

Glorya Kaufman Hall, at Wilson Plaza.

Details of the architecture of Glorya Kaufman Hall.

Looking toward Fowler Museum from Wilson Plaza.

The wonderful stripey arch at Glorya Kaufman Hall.

Fowler Museum and blossoming trees.

Practicing martial arts outside the Fowler Museum, under the blossoming trees.

Fowler Museum and Glorya Kaufman Hall, with blossoming tree.

Ice plant beside the stairs that go up to Dickson Court.

One of the tall stairs that go up to Dickson Court.

A huge expanse of sloping lawn beside the Powell Library.

Gorgeous architecture of Royce Hall.

The checkered plaza by Shapiro fountain and Dickson Court.

Looking toward Powell Library from Royce Hall.

The beautiful architecture of Powell Library.

Powell Library is a stunner.

The arches of Royce Hall.

They should learn beforehand the knowledge which they will require for their art- Plato.

Doorway at Royce Hall.

Looking up at Royce Hall.

Dickson Court North- Homelessness Awareness Week sign on a tree.

The Humanities Building, at Dickson Court.

Royce Hall.

Looking up at the architecture of Powell Library.

The doorway to Powell Library.

Dickson Court in the early evening.

Looking up at the magnificent Powell Library.

Details atop a column of Powell Library.

Inside the lobby of Powell Library.

The gorgeous ceiling, arches, and lanterns in Powell Library's lobby.

The lobby of Powell Library.

Stairway and artwork in Powell Library.

Sitting with views of magical Kerckhoff Hall.


Late afternoon sun on the sloping lawn.

Kerckhoff Hall looks like it belongs in Europe- stunning!

Nice row of trees between buildings.

The inverted fountain near Franz Hall.

Arches in a side arm of Royce Hall.

Side arm of Royce Hall.

Three arches- a lovely building near Dickson Court.

Grand building near Dickson Court.

The stripey style of UCLA buildings.

Janss steps, that lead up to Dickson Court, the main quad.

What a life! Sitting on the grass beside Janss steps.

The sloped lawn beside Janss steps, full of students catching some sun.

The fountain by Royce Hall.

Powell Library is a beauty.

The side courtyard by Royce Hall.


UCLA parking lot 3 is conveniently located in the peaceful north end of campus at 215 Charles E Young Dr N, Los Angeles CA 90095. Parking is $6 for 2 hours, and you pay in a machine in the parking lot.


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