Vasquez Rocks

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Los Angeles, CA
Vasquez Rocks
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Vasquez rocks is an area of rock formations that reach high into the sky and awe you with their beauty. Kids of all ages absolutely love to come here. Ridges along the sides of the rock formations make them climbable. The triangular formation, called "Kirk's Rock" because of its use in Star Trek shows, is unbelievably high and yet easily climbable by older kids. Other sections of rocks are more rounded- these were used in The Flintstones. I love those ones! Some large rock faces have swirling wave-like patterns on them.

A perfect breeze blows through this area making it pleasant even on hot days. You can also find refuge in the shade of the rocks. Climb up one of the rock faces, hold your hands in the air, and feel the bliss! Kids all leave here in a wonderful mood because they have truly experienced nature.
This area is not just geological, but historical as well. Tiburcio Vasquez, a California bandit who was constantly stealing, murdering, and escaping capture, hid here in the early 1870s.

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That must have been quite an earthquake that moved the earth 45 degrees!

Amazing wavy patterns in the rock. See the tiny person to see how big these rocks are.

Flintstones, it's the Flintstones...

You park right by the rocks, which is cool for kids because there's no hike in!

I love the shape of these rocks!

Miles of open land...

It's hair-raising watching your kids climb up this!

Super fun climbing awaits!

Looking out over the valley.

Shady indents in the rock.

I love these holes in the rock!

Breathtaking beauty.

Looks a bit like Arizona.

More people start to arrive as it gets closer to noon.

Cool-shaped rocks.



Vasquez Rocks is located at 10700 W. Escondido Canyon Rd, Agua Dulce CA 91390.
From Highway 5, take Highway 14 toward Lancaster. After 14 miles take the Agua Dulce Canyon Rd exit. Go north (left) on Agua Dulce Canyon Rd and then turn right on Escondido Canyon Rd. Follow the signs to Vasquez Rocks and park in the huge parking lot of hard-packed dirt. The rock formations are beside the parking lot.


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