Art Deco Walking Tour, South Beach

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Miami, FL
Art Deco Walking Tour, South Beach
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It's fun to pop into the small Art Deco hotels that line Ocean Drive and Collins Ave in South Beach, and to learn about the architecture and history of this area! Art Deco architecture, popular in the 1930s and 40s was a reaction to the overly decorated Mediterranean Revival style that had dominated architecture for so long. It was streamlined, with simple, clean forms, and many of its features reflected industrial designs of the time, such as the look of cruise ships with their portholes. Many of the buildings had "eye brows," lines that jut out above the windows.

You can take in all this information on a 90 minute or two hour tour around the Art Deco District. Walking around is more fun with other travelers and the tour guides are usually lively and interesting.
The Art Deco buildings were saved because of the efforts of activists- Barbara Capitman even chained herself to the buildings. This is the largest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world. They are colorful and fun, and give Miami Beach its unique look.
We took a two hour walking tour. The man was a friendly guy and we really enjoyed his stories. Kids would be bored, but for adults this is a great way to get to know South Beach.
Two-hour walking tours start at the Art Deco Welcome Center, every day at 10:30am and also on Thursdays at 6:30pm for $25 per person, $20 for students, veterans, or seniors. No reservations necessary, but arrive fifteen minutes early to buy tickets. No tours on major holidays.
Make sure you see the Art Deco buildings lit up at night! Also, check out 7th Street Beach nearby.

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1938 hotel designed by Hohauser, Essex Hotel, with its porthole windows and pylon.

Eyebrows over the windows.

The Breakwater Hotel on Ocean Drive.

Shore-Park Hotel, with its royal blue awnings.

Interior of The Tides Hotel.

Carlyle Hotel with its visor eyebrows, sleek lines, vertical piers and curves.

Pink terrazzo floor in The Betsy Hotel.

Bob Bonis Archive photos in The Betsy Hotel, of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Hotel on Ocean Drive.

Earl La Pan mural in the lobby of Hotel Victor- how could they cover the terrazzo floor with ugly rugs?

Views of the rooftops from the Clevelander Hotel.

Striped multi-colored chairs and ocean view at the rooftop of the Clevelander Hotel.

View of Ocean Drive and the boardwalk from the Clevelander Hotel rooftop.

The colors of the beach, as seen from the Clevelander Hotel roof.

The Betsy Hotel, built in 1942 in Colonial style.

Crescent Hotel, a beauty.

The clean-lined McAlpin Hotel.

Espanola Way.


Art Deco Welcome Center, 1001 Ocean Dr (10th Street and Ocean Ave), Miami Beach FL 33139, call (305) 672-2014.
Exit Highway 95 and take 395 East to Miami Beach. You cross over a causeway with great views. After five miles turn left on Washington Ave. Turn right on 7th Street and park in the public parking lot before you cross Collins Ave, then walk just two blocks to the beach and three blocks north to the Art Deco Welcome Center. You can use your credit card in the machine to pay for parking when you return. Cost is $2 an hour on weekdays or $20 flat rate on weekends.
Other parking lots are at 13th and Collins, 12th and Drexel (one block west of Washington Ave), 10th and Collins, 10th and Washington, and 9th and Washington.


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