Espanola Way, South Beach

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Miami, FL
Espanola Way, South Beach
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Espanola Way is a pedestrian alley off Washington Ave in the Art Deco District in South Beach. It is shaded by tree canopies strung with lights. Painted pink, the Spanish buildings are lovely. You can enjoy an ice cream snack on chairs that look like ice cream cones! It's romantic to stroll along here at night. The restaurants can be hit or miss, as they are in many tourist areas.
For more info on the South Beach area, check out the Ocean Drive page.

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The entrance to Espanola Way, as seen from Washington Ave.

Ice cream cone chairs and canopy trees.

Outdoor seating at a restaurant on Espanola Way.

Young couple dining at Espanola Way.

Striped awnings and pink stucco.

Shady pedestrian alley, Espanola Way.


Espanola Way is located just south of 15th Street, off Washington Ave, in Miami Beach.


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