Frost Museum of Science, Miami

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Miami, FL
Frost Museum of Science, Miami
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Frost Museum of Science is a real treat and everyone in the family will love it. The architecture is just stunning, and everywhere there are historic illustrations of sea creatures decorating the walls. From the very beginning, you are wowed by the mirror maze! What fun! You walk around, unsure of whether it's a mirror or a hall. Hint: if you see yourself, it's a mirror! The halls look like they go on for miles.

The health displays are also excellent. We learned a lot! Here you can put your finger in and watch your heart rate lower as you listen to soothing sounds, and rise as you listen to heavy metal! 
Kids can spend hours in the Engineering lab (Design Lab), building to their heart's content. The flight room is also cool, where you can launch your paper airplane, paper helicopter, and learn about flight starting with flying dinosaurs.
The most wonderful part, to me, is the aquarium, which spans many floors. On the lower floor you look up at the hugest tank, with fish going in swirling directions. Along the walls of this area, the Ocean Gallery, check out the shells and fossils. Other floors have more tanks, all beautiful. At the fourth floor you can stand above the huge tank. Here the views of the garden, Maurice Ferre Park next door, and Biscayne Bay are wonderful. Go to the top floor as well to check out the skyscrapers and blue-green water. Here you will find solar panels and information on solar energy and sun dials.
This museum is definitely worth the money, but to make it more worthwhile, join the science center near where you live if it is part of the annual pass reciprocal membership. Then you can come to Frost Museum of Science for free (as long as it's 90 miles, away as the bird flies, from your home and the science center near you), as well as visit the science center near you year-round.
After your visit, check out the garden with its modern lines, and the interactive blue strings sculpture- kids love running in and out of this- and silver criss cross sculpture in the garden near the Perez Art Museum. Also, swing blissfully on the three swings outside the art museum. They are like chairs and very comfortable! Have a popsicle from the art museum cafe, eating it outside under the stunning hanging plants, and then walk along the water in the adjacent park, Maurice Ferre Park, running up and down the little hills gleefully.

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Standing below the main tank.

Garden, as seen from above.

A boy examines a ray.

What looks like a long hallway in the mirror maze.

People navigating through the mirror maze.

The mirror maze is so psychedelic!

Exhibit on shapes in nature.

Patterns and ratios that appear in nature.

Shell drawing on a column outside.

Turtle drawings, and Arsht Center behind.

Amazing lines.

Pull yourself up with a cable.

Turtle drawings decorating the outside of the building.

Shark in the main tank.

You can sculpt the sand and it changes color depending on how high it reaches, making land in the sea.

Puffy fish.


Room about flight.

Dinosaurs and flight.

You can launch your paper airplane.

Water play station outside on a balcony.

Parents supervising at the water play station.

Enjoying the views of Maurice Ferre Park, the sports stadium, and the Freedom Tower.

Tanks on one of the huge balconies.

The main tank from above.

The main tank seen from the side, with Maurice Ferre Park in the background.

Design Lab, with its fun activities.

Building a tower in the Design Lab.

You can see how the elevators work.

Gears in the Ocean Gallery.

Circles follow as you walk across the floor in the Ocean Gallery.

Beetles, exhibited on the wall in the Ocean Gallery.

Swirling fish.

Jellies in the Ocean Gallery.

Chocolate colored jellyfish.

Fish projected on a wall.

Make an arch in the Design Lab.

On the roof, a quote about solar energy made from shadows.

Solar energy exhibit on the roof.

Exhibit about light waves, on the roof.

A family enjoys an exhibit on the roof.

View of awesome buildings from the roof.

Looking at the views from the roof.

The garden.

Faceting enhances light and shadow on the exterior of Frost Science Museum.

Arriving at the Frost Museum of Science on the Metromover.

The Metromover will take you to the museum!

Views of the Freedom Tower and wonderful palms.

Sculpt the sand and it will change color depending on its height!

Rays in a tank above you.

Hammerhead shark above you.


Views of skyscrapers and the Freedom Tower from the outdoor area above the big tank.

Mangrove tank.

Birds in the aviary.

Bird atop a tree.

A mom and child by the aviary.

Water play station.

Views of the Arsht Center from the museum complex.

Tropical wonderland outside the museum.

Planters of bright trees, the Frost Museum of Science, and glorious skyscrapers behind!


Frost Museum of Science is located at 1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132. There is a large parking lot that is very expensive. You can catch the free MetroMover to the museum to avoid paying for parking. 
Museum is open daily 9:30-6 with extra hours during holidays.
Admission costs $28 for adults, and $19 for children aged 3-11.  An annual pass costs $189 for families and is a great idea if you live nearby.
Buy an annual pass at the science center near your house to enter Frost Museum for free, if the science center near your house is part of Your address and the science center near you must be more than 90 miles from Frost Museum of Science to qualify.


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