Limekiln State Park, Big Sur Coast

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Monterey, CA
Limekiln State Park, Big Sur Coast
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NOTE: This area is currently closed due to a landslide (2023).

Limekiln State Park is a stop along the Big Sur Coastline Drive. It has a beach that is like a dream! I have magical memories from my time there.
Here a crystal clear leads into the ocean. Strewn on the sand, beside the river, are huge sparkling white rocks. We walked from the parking lot through the forest, on a bridge over the stream, then dipped our toes in the river, sat on the smooth rocks, peered up at the high concrete overpass bridge, and listened to the crashing ocean. It was a wonderful stop! There are clean restrooms at this stop.
The trail to the falls has moss-covered rocks and lovely forest.

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Excitement builds as you reach the beach!

The concrete overpass you walk under to get to the beach.

Picnic at the beach.

The river that leads to the sea.

The water is so clear!

Log by the river.

Rocks to play with at the river.

Giant driftwood on the beach.

Driftwood and huge rocks.

Reflections in the river, and water rushing over rocks.

I love where a river leads to the sea!

Wow, the sights at the beach!

Jade green water at the river.

Looking at rocks through the clear water is a joy.

Funny rocks at the headland.

The concrete overpass.

I love the different colors of the rocks!!

The stream beside you as you walk to the beach.

The forest and stream, by the parking lot.

View of Limekiln Beach.


Entrance is $10, paid to the ranger at the gate (this is a private ranger station so your receipt from parking at other stations in Big Sur does not count).


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