Monterey Skate Park, Lake El Estero

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Monterey, CA
Monterey Skate Park, Lake El Estero
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Monterey Skate Park is a small, nice skate park located in a serene setting next to Lake El Estero. Ducks quack about on the deep green water and little white-fenced jetties offer a view across the lake. Peaceful and uncrowded, the skate park is a mellow place to spend an hour. Everyone, including parents standing inside the rink, must wear a helmet- this rule is enforced by local police.
Strangely, the skate park borders amazing Dennis the Menace Park, but a fence separates them. To get to the park you must walk through or around Sollecito Ballpark.

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The skate park is often uncrowded and offers lovely views.

Benches by the water and pretty historical buildings on the other side.

Ducks, white-fenced jetty, and cute island.

Winter view of hills and lake, looking through the fence toward Dennis the Menace Park.

Kids enjoying a sunny day at Monterey Skate Park.


Zoom in and click "satellite" to see the skate park from above. Notice Dennis the Menace Park to the west of the skate park and Sollecito baseball stadium to the south.
From Del Monte Ave, go south on Camino Aguajito. Turn right on Pearl St and immediately turn right into the parking lot for the skate park.
For your GPS, you can use the address 989 Pearl Street. Turn in to the parking lot from there, after the bridge if you're driving west on Pearl Street. A signs says "El Estero Picnic Area."


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