Little Gem Saloon, Downtown New Orleans

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New Orleans
Little Gem Saloon, Downtown New Orleans
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Little Gem Saloon stands amidst the highrises of downtown as a precious piece of Jazz history. It is located in its little two-storey historic building from 1903, still resembling what it looked like when Jazz was taking shape in the early 20th century. Those who formed Jazz hung out here, musicians such as Jelly Roll Morton and Buddy Bolden. This is still the place to come for the best music. Skip the French Quarter which is teeming with tourists and grumpy servers who are sick of tourists, and come here where locals find great live Jazz and delicious food as well! You can't go wrong! The waitresses and waiters here are friendly, and the restaurant is super clean! This restaurant is a little more expensive and formal than your typical tourist bar and grill. The food is made by a real chef and the Creole recipes come from the Early Jazz era. You can order meals such as deviled eggs, salads, or gumbo. The prices are high but not too bad if you stick with something light like gumbo and a side of mashed sweet potatoes. Downstairs is a brightly lit Jazz club restaurant, whereas upstairs is a dimly lit speakeasy-style nightclub full of sophistication. Kids are allowed downstairs but not upstairs. There is live music at Little Gem Saloon practically every day, starting at 5pm. Come on Sunday morning for the Jazz Brunch. What a wonderful thing to be a musician in New Orleans! Or to be someone who loves real music! When I returned home, I tried to find some live music like I heard at Little Gem Saloon but did not succeed- I will be back!
Another place to hear some fabulous live music with your kids is Frenchmen Street.

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Thursday evening live piano.

The downstairs restaurant.

The upstairs nightclub on a Saturday night.

Sunday morning Jazz brunch.

The little pink historic building amongst the CBD highrises.

Holiday Inn near the saloon with clarinet mural painted along its side.

Wednesday evening piano.

Little Gem Saloon neon sign.


Little Gem Saloon is located at 455 S. Rampart St, New Orleans LA 70112, call (504) 267-4863. You can take the Loyola Line Streetcar here, getting off at the Poydras Street stop.. There is a stop diagonally across from the saloon.


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