Ogden Museum of Southern Art

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New Orleans
Ogden Museum of Southern Art
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The Ogden Museum of Southern Art is a fabulous museum in a five-storey light-filled building. Some of the art is displayed in the gorgeous wide stairwell where huge windows let light shine on translucent glass works and large colorful paintings. The art is by Southern artists, and although it is modern, most of it has a human element and is not ridiculously experimental. You can get lost in joy just wondering around the different levels of the museum.

There is an exhibit called The Rising (until Sept 2015), showcasing photography from New Orleans, focusing not on the trauma of Hurricane Katrina, but the bright future of New Orleans and its artists. Check out the photograph of Spanish moss at night by Tammy Mercure.
In the stairwell is a wonderful large painting by Bo Bartlett called "Young Life," and a fascinating painting by Roger Brown called "The Seven Last Plagues."
Step onto the balcony on the top level to see a view of the National World War II Museum and Crescent City Bridge.
The museum building itself with its rich red, glass brick, and sandstone exterior is beautiful to behold from the street, as is the Civil War Museum next door with its dark brown stone. On the museum's northern wall (until July 2015- please don't take it down!), at the paid parking lot, is a public exhibit by Candy Chang where anyone can write in chalk the answer to the half sentence "Before I die, I want to..." These responses are fun to read, including the one "Make my wife happy," and the one below it: "Meet this man."
There aren't too many places to eat in the neighborhood, but try Carmo's Tropical Cafe, which has some healthy upscale Caribbean options at good prices. It's a four minute walk away (see address below).
If you like art, you will also enjoy a stroll around the Besthoff Sculpture Garden in City Park. While there, see the even more lovely Storyland.

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Ogden Museum of Southern Art from the outside.

Entrance to the museum.

Admission stickers on a pole outside the museum- a work of art in itself!

Sculpture on the top floor balcony, and view of Crescent City Bridge.

Statue on top floor balcony.

Exhibit room.

"Second Line #2" by Keith Duncan.

"The Icons of Western Art Communicating with the Third Millenium" by Jack Stewart.

Fascinating painting by Roger Brown called "The Seven Last Plagues."

"Caught II" by Elizabeth Shannon.

"The Parade" by John McCrady.

"Evening Meal" by John McCrady...this really shows the languorous heat in the South.

The Civil War Museum next door is in a beautiful building.

View of the Contemporary Arts Center from the balcony.

View of the National World War II Museum from the balcony.

View from the balcony.

Civil War Museum and Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Civil War Museum.

"Before I Die..." wall by Candy Chang.

Before I die I want to...Make my wife happy. Before I die I want to...Meet this guy.

Carmo, A Tropical Cafe, in the Arts District.


Ogden Museum of Southern Art is located at 925 Camp St, New Orleans LA 70130, call (504) 539-9650.
Open Wed-Mon 10-6. Closed Tuesdays. Closed on holidays.
Admission is $12.50 for adults, $10 for seniors, military and students, and $6.25 for children aged 5-17.
There is a paid parking lot on the north end of the museum.
Carmo's Tropical Cafe, 527 Julia St, New Orleans LA 70130, call (504) 875-4132.


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