Umstead Park, Chapel Hill

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North Carolina
Umstead Park, Chapel Hill
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Umstead Park in Chapel Hill has a large shady playground with two cool spinners that kids adore. One spinner is shaped like a globe, and the other is made of three poles. There are also baby swings and regular swings, a music station with chimes and drums, three slides, a bridge, a rock-climbing plank, and climbing poles.

This park also has a small basketball court and a beach volleyball court that really looks like a scene from the beach on warm weekend days.
From Umstead Park you can bike or walk along a beautiful, serene creek all the way to Chapel Hill Community Center Park on the Bolin Creek bike path. One way, this walk is 45 minutes or 2.2 miles. It is a wide paved path that is shady most of the time and follows a creek that is sometimes roaring with water! A very steep extension called Tanyard Branch Trail connects Umstead Park with downtown Chapel Hill, which borders UNC

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Beach volleyball across the street.


Picnic pavilion in the distance.

The path to Bolin Creek Greenway.

Bridge to Bolin Creek Greenway, and the creek.

Slide at the playground.

Twisty high slide.

Music station.

Spherical spinner!

Walking a dog along Bolin Creek by Umstead Park.

Deer by the Tanyard Branch Trail, near McMasters Street.

Hurricane Florence high water mark, at the Bolin Creek Trail tunnel, which starts at Umstead Park.

The colorful tunnel on the Bolin Creek Trail, which starts at Umstead Park.

Bolin Creek Trail near Umstead Park, with its decorated drain.

Underpass on the Bolin Creek Trail near Umstead Park.

Tortoise on the Tanyard Branch Trail, that leaves from Umstead Park.

Cute decorations on the Tanyard Branch Trail.

Rocks at Umstead Park.


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