Yacht Basin Drive restaurants, Southport

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North Carolina Coast
Yacht Basin Drive restaurants, Southport
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Just a ten minute walk west from Southport Fishing Pier you will find a cluster of seafood restaurants on the water. Here, at Yacht Basin Drive, you can eat with fantastic views over the salt marsh while yachts bob around in the water. This is an industrial area that is now a lively nighttime spot. You can have a drink at American Fish Company (where the movie Safe Haven was filmed), which has live music in the evening, and doesn't serve food. After 7pm, it's adults only. Up some stairs, with big windows and views up and down the coast, check out Frying Pan, which has fairly good food. Another restaurant, right on the water by the yachts is Fishy Fishy Cafe, which has slightly greasy and expensive, but good food. It's noisy and exposed to the wind, but has live music starting around 7pm. Provision Company is a place to get cheaper bites. And Flava's Ice Cream has overly sweet but decent ice cream- my waffle cone was stale though. 
Continue along Yacht Basin Drive to Brunswick Street and you will see the most adorable 1870s historic houses. They are so beautiful! Here you can walk on the Marsh Walk, a boardwalk over the salt marsh to a gazebo with fantastic views of the colorful buildings where you just ate a meal! There are rare birds to spot.

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River pilot's lookout tower.

Bench by the water along West Bay Street.

View of the restaurants at Yacht Basin Drive, from West Bay Street.

River beach along West Bay Street.

Swinging bench on West Bay Street.

Cute houses on West Bay Street.

House of Capt. Thomas Mann Thompson, a river pilot who guided blockade-running steamboats through the Cape Fear Shoals during the Civil War. The lookout is atop.

Frying Pan, a restaurant with views over the water from large windows.

Balcony at Frying Pan (where you wait to be seated)- great views!

Balcony on the side of Frying Pan- you can walk out there while you wait for your meal.

Apartment buildings and Old American Fish Company bar, seen from Frying Pan.

View of Cape Fear River and river pilot lookout tower, from Frying Pan.

The lookout tower, or widow's walk, on the top of Capt. Thomas Mann Thompson's house.

Dock at Frying Pan Restaurant.

Sea gulls that make lots of noise!

Old American Fish Company, a bar where Safe Haven was filmed, at the end of Yacht Basin Drive.

Safe Haven poster at Old American Fish Company bar.

Sunset on Brunswich Street, with boats at Southport Marina in the distance.

Looking toward the restaurants, from Short Street.

Sunset on Brunswick Street by the water.

Pineapple decoration and picnic tables behind Short Street vacation rentals.

Short Street home with side tower.

View of the Yacht Basin Drive restaurants, from Marsh Walk.

Table overlooking the yacht basin, at Fishy Fishy Cafe.

Dock outside Fishy Fishy Cafe.

Waterfront seating at Fishy Fishy Cafe.

The cute color of Fishy Fishy Cafe.

Neighborly chat.

Nice house on Yacht Basin Dr.

Potters Seafood, a cute seaside scene.

Pretty house on Brunswick Street.

Grey Burriss House, 1879.

Frying Pan, as seen from the Marsh Walk.


American Fish Company, 150 Yacht Basin Dr, Southport, NC 28461.
Fishy Fishy Cafe, 106 Yacht Basin Dr, Southport, NC 28461.


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