Flagler College, St. Augustine

North Florida

There is no college that looks like Flagler College! Its campus is formed in and around the former Ponce de Leon Hotel, built by oil magnate Henry Flagler in 1888 in the Spanish-colonial town of St. Augustine. Stand outside the incredibly extravagant Spanish-Renaissance building and take it in, and then walk around inside to admire the arches and tiffany stained glass. In the main hall, around the rotunda made with real gold, admire the paintings of eight women who represent the four elements as well as the four characteristics of the Spanish explorers. Many of the lucky women who attend this college get to live in dorms in this building. There is also a breathtaking dining hall in this building. Stroll around campus and enjoy the views all around you- see the spire of the Memorial Presbyterian Church in the distance. 
The college itself is known for its career-oriented focus, with excellent programs in graphic design and business. The atmosphere is caring, with many first-year advisors reaching out to students to make sure they are doing well, and every first year student is a part of a learning community of 23 students. An interesting feature of this college is that boys are not allowed in the girls dorms and vice versa. 
In walking around the town, I noticed how very touristy it is, and this could be annoying because visitors abound, zooming through the campus on segways. Across from the campus is the gorgeous Lightner Museum, in the former Alcazar Hotel that Flagler also built. There is no shortage of gorgeous architecture to see in this area. Students enjoy Vilano Beach, just over the causeway from the campus.

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Ringhaver Student Center.

Wonderful fence with spiked ball and chain links.

Palm garden.

Memorial Presbyterian Church behind Ringhaver Student Center.

Blue sky and balcony at Ponce de Leon Hall.

Connecting hallway between Ponce de Leon and Kenan Halls.

Looking up at the architecture of Ponce de Leon Hall.

Cozy arched back entrance to Ponce de Leon Hall.

Stunning staircase and tiffany glass arched windows in Ponce de Leon Hall.

The attractive floor in Ponce de Leon Hall.

Wooden archways in Ponce de Leon Hall.

Twirly wooden posts.

View from the newly-renovated top floor of Ponce de Leon Hall.

Small exhibit spaces are in Crisp Ellert Art Museum.

Rotunda in Ponce de Leon Hall.

View from inner courtyard of Ponce de Leon Hall- can you imagine living here (in the female dorms)?!

Looking toward the entrance gate from the inner courtyard.

Tower, as seen from the inner courtyard.

Inside the inner courtyard of the building with the women's dorms.

Detail on Ponce de Leon Hall.

Arched decorative balcony.

Carved wood details on tower.

Gorgeous geometric patterns.

Ceiling painting of woman who represents the trait of exploration.

Stunning ceiling in dining hall.

Dining hall.

Tourists on segways in front of campus.

Thompson Hall, at night.


Walkway beside the college.

Wonderful buildings on King Street.

The tower is gorgeous.

You can never get enough of the buildings at Flagler College!

Lovely archways.

Tropical palm trees and memorable architecture.

Gate post.

Flagler College is located at 74 King St, St. Augustine FL 32084, call (904) 829-6481.


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