Leon Sinks Geological Area, Tallahassee

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North Florida
Leon Sinks Geological Area, Tallahassee
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NOTE: Some boardwalks are closed for repair (2019).

Leon Sinks Geological Area, seven miles south of Tallahassee, has to be appreciated at the right time of year. Forget about coming in the summer- it's too hot and you'll get bit by mosquitoes! If you come in the early spring you can enjoy the azalea and dogwood flowers and peer into the sinkholes from the observation decks, enjoying the warm but bearable air. Hammock Sink is the prettiest aquamarine color and not to be missed. You must hike through dry, hot forest to the sinks at this nature area so you can't bring young kids unless they are good walkers (is there such a kid?) and you must choose your season carefully since you will be walking three miles in a loop. You pass seventeen sinks on this Sinkhole Trail.
One thing kids like are the little yellow mushrooms that dot the forest floor, inspiring fairy games. 
While in the area, check out the gorgeous Wakulla Springs State Park, with a sand beach where kids can play by the water.
For a better sink that you can walk down into, check out the amazing Devil's Millhopper Sink near Gainesville. Because the trail starts right at this sink and takes you down into the sink right away you can do it even in summer because the sink itself has a moderate climate caused by the cool aquifer water.

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The forest you walk through to get to the sinks.

Looking up at the treetops.

A beautiful spider!

The forest gets more tropical where each sink is.


Leon Sinks Geological Area is located at 6605 Crawfordville Rd (Hwy 319), Tallahassee. You will see the sign on your right as you head about 7 miles south on Crawfordville Rd out of Tallahassee.
Open daily 8-8 Apr-Oct, 8-6 Nov-Mar.
Entrance is $3 cash by honor system.


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