Lightner Museum, Saint Augustine

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North Florida
Lightner Museum, Saint Augustine
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The little square in front of the Lightner Museum is delightful and affords a view of the museum's gorgeous facade, the Casa Monica Hotel, and Flagler College. Kids can run in front of the hedges and around the fountain. At Christmastime it's magical, with everything lit up and reflecting in the fountain's pool.

The inner the courtyard with its pool of water and tropical plants is also a delight.
Inside the Lightner Museum is a beautiful collection of Victorian glass items and buttons. Even though you can't touch anything, my daughter loved exploring this museum because of the exquisite designs on the many items. Most kids, though, will not like how there's nothing to touch or interact with here. Check out the wall of buttons on the top floor near the restrooms- so unique! There are also glass baskets and rose bowls in the alcove by the restrooms.
There's an abundance of vases and elegant glasses on the second level.
A science area on the lowest floor has some weird objects such as a mummy. At 11am and 2pm there is a demonstration of the automatic musical instruments. Although this is interesting, the talk is too long-winded making it impossible to stay with kids.
Warning: The inside of the museum is very musty. If you have allergies, you won't be able to stay inside for long. This makes eating at the Alcazar Cafe impossible as well, since it's inside the main building.
Afterward, walk around old town St. Augustine to discover some more lovely sights.

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Casa Monica, a hotel next to the Lightner Museum that looks like a castle!

The fountain in the inner courtyard of the Lightner Museum building.

The wonderful towers, as seen from the inner courtyard.

Excelsior, a glass steam engine, by William H. Allen, 1850.

Lovely calming architecture inside the museum.

Button collection!

Victorian glass flower baskets.

Buttons made of wood or cardboard covered with tight crochet lace.

Crystal collection.

Finials, which topped newel posts on fancy staircases.

Delightful beechwood cradle, made in 1860.

Finials, which topped newel posts on fancy staircases.

Stained glass.

A beautiful room.

Bohemian glass, which means glass that is cased with a colored design.

Classy room.

Interesting woodwork.

Where the indoor pool used to be. Now a restaurant! Too bad it's so musty inside.

The inner courtyard.

View of Flagler College from the front grounds of the Lightner Museum.

View of Flagler College.

View of the Casa Monica hotel.

View of the lovely Casa Monica hotel.


Lightner Museum is located at 75 King St, St. Augustine FL 32084, call (904) 824-2874.
Open 9-5 daily. Closed Dec 25.
Admission is $10 for adults, $6 for military, $5 for college students and children aged 12-18, and free for children under 12. Sometimes you can save a lot of money if you look on groupon.
Parking is difficult in St. Augustine. You can drive around the streets around Sevilla St and Saragossa St to try to look for a free spot.


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