Seaside beach and town

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North Florida
Seaside beach and town
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Seaside town is a great place to visit for the morning. You can cool off with a swim at the dreamy white-sand beach. What a picture perfect place! You walk through a tower and down a dune to get to the sand where blue umbrellas (for rent) are neatly arranged. The sand is white as can be, all the way to the shore, which is unusual for Florida. This is a true white sand beach without goopy sand at the shore! It is the nicest beach I've been to in Florida.

The water is not clear but seems clean and there are small waves for bodysurfing. Beware of the sting rays- you must do the "shuffle" with your feet so you don't alarm one.
After your swim, with your hair wet and keeping you cool, you can walk around the town and take in the sights. The modern, clean-lined buildings are tall, providing shade, which makes Seaside somewhat bearable in summer. There are cute stores everywhere, including an upstairs record store with an oceanview balcony. Below it is a bookstore called Sundog Books. There's a toy store called Duckies Shop of Fun. The market where The Truman Show was filmed, Modica Market, is near the bookstore- skip on it for lunch because the sandwiches are just awful. It looks nice to eat at the shady picnic tables in front of the row of permanent food trucks across from the beach such as Meltdown on 30A or Barefoot Barbeque.
Many people get around town by bike, and there's a long bike path that runs along Highway 30A. You can rent bikes from Seaside Transit Authority Bike Rentals.

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The tower that leads to the sand, and Ono Surfshop.

A girl runs up the sand to the tower.

Seaside Elementary School is cute and has a butterfly garden.

The ocean, blue umbrellas, and tower.

View from under the tower.

Shady spot outside Seaside Elementary School.

Blue columns and tower in the distance.

Duckies Shop of Fun, in Central Sq.

Fusion Art Glass Gallery, in Central Sq.

White rocking chairs outside Seaside Kids clothing shop.

Seaside Transit Authority Bike Rental.

Central Square Records building, which is nice and shady outside.

Bike riders abound.

Green umbrellas and white picnic tables at pricey Great Southern Cafe.

Bikes for rent from Seaside Transit Authority.

Tables in Central Sq.

Looking up in the tower.

Blue and white striped canopy on the beach.

Blue building in distance, as seen looking back from the tower.

Grandparent and child reading on the steps outside the bookstore, Sundog Books.

View from the balcony outside the record store.

The record store, Central Square Records.

Bright sunny day, as seen from the Central Sq Records balcony.

Shady seating by the food trucks.

Adorable post office.

Seating outside Ono Surfshop.

Residence in Seaside.


The beach entry through a tower is in front of Central Square, slightly to the west. In your GPS, use the address for Ono Surfshop, 2236 E. Co Hwy 30A, Seaside (Santa Rosa Beach) FL 32459.
Sundog Books, 89 Central Sq, Seaside FL 32459, call (850) 231-5481.
Central Square Records, 89 Central Sq, Seaside FL 32459, call (850) 231-5669.
Meltdown on 30A Food Truck, 2235 E. Co Hwy 30A, Seaside (Santa Rosa Beach) FL 32459, cal (850) 231-0952.
Barefoot Barbeque, 2235 E. Co Hwy 30A, Seaside (Santa Rosa Beach) FL 32459, call (850) 534-0313.
Seaside Transit Authority Bike Rentals, 87 Central Sq.


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