Children's Discovery Museum

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Oahu, HI
Children's Discovery Museum
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If you have kids and it's raining during your vacation, this is my number one recommendation! It is amazing how much there is for kids to explore in this museum. It's by far the best children's museum I've visited! Dress warm and bring dry clothes to change into after you've run through the rain from your car, because the air conditioning is cold inside. You could even bring a book because your kids will be so happy you might get a chance to read.

There are three floors to this museum. The first floor is a miniature town with post office, bank, courtroom, medical clinic, fire station, car repair shop, diner, grocery store, where kids can pretend to be adults doing their work. This is great fun for kids who love to role play. There are also exhibits which show the science behind our bodies. Kids can climb inside tunnels and onto a bus. They can play house or lead a puppet show. A mermaid and sea creatures make for fun in the beach area, where there's a sailing boat kids can climb inside. There's a castle with drawbridge and a room full of books. Adults can sit in the giant chair and pretend to be kids! And this is all just the first floor!
The second floor is like a miniature version of the harbor by Aloha Tower. Here kids can weigh the arriving freight and drive the forklift. There's a pineapple plantation where they wear Chinese worker hats and pick pineapples. They can cook in a hawaiian house, or climb into an airplane seat. Giant bubbles can be made. Kids can pretend they are under the sea in a corally sea-life area.
Just when I thought the creators of this museum had outdone themselves and there was nothing more fantastic they could do, I reached the third floor, the piece de resistance. Here, in a colorful global world, are houses representing the different countries from which many of Hawaii's residents trace their ancestors. The houses are so beautiful and are full of dolls, story books, cooking utensils, dress-up clothes, and music from the countries of origin. There's a Portuguese white-washed house by the sea, with a boat and an oven to bake bread. There's a colorful Filipino jeepney (photo above). An Indian house is filled with powders to make dye and multi-colored yarn and fabrics. The Japanese house is glorious, with rice paper doors, a pond, and a blossom tree. The music playing in each house sets the atmosphere. There's also a Chinese house, a Filipino house, and a Korean house. You get an expansive feeling of how varied the world is on the third floor.
We left feeling invigorated rather than exhausted.
If it's not raining after your visit, walk out toward the water and discover the green hilly park called Kakaako Waterfront Park. The views across the vibrant blue-green water will delight you. Bring cardboard so your kids can slide down the hills. There's a surfbreak called Point Panic and it's fun to watch the surfers enjoy the rides.
Other rainy day options are Kahala Mall or Waikiki Aquarium.
To prepare for your trip, read a book about animals in Hawaii and where they sleep. This is a book adored by kids and most requested by my kid's elementary school classes! It is called Go to Sleep Hide and Seek
For an exciting pirate adventure set in Hawaii, check out this book: Hoku The Stargazer.

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Pineapple plantation.

Make giant bubbles!

Be a hotel activities organizer.

Swim with sea life amongst the coral.

Ride in an airplane.

Weigh and lift some cargo.

Cargo at Aloha Tower.

Welcome the visitors to Aloha Tower.

Welcome to Hawaii...

The third floor!

Portuguese lighthouse.

Bake bread inside the Portuguese seaside house.

The rowboat in Portugal...

Portuguese house. Many Portuguese came to Hawaii in the 19th century to work in the sugar cane fields.

Hawaii's foods- influenced by the many cultures that came to the islands.

The house from India.

Sewing in the India house.

Toys and decorations in the India house.

Powders used to make garment dye, in the India house.

Japanese house.

Run around the exterior of the Japanese house and feel like you're in Japan!

Japanese pond and blossom tree.

Japanese window.

Serve Japanese food in special bowls.

Chinese house.

Beautiful jade-colored room in the China house.

Filipino children's books in the Phillipines house.

Dress-up clothes in the Filipino house.

First floor: Teddy bear train to climb inside.

Soldier man.

How your heart works.

Crawl in through the tunnel.

Skeleton man, and The Bus.

Beach and sailboat.

You can rearrange these sea creatures on the wall.

Go sledding in the season-themed room.

The castle room where you can read quietly.

Read inside a tree.

Teddy can read with you.

A girl escapes the crowds and reads for a while.

Big Bird will read with you.

Giant chair for grown-ups!

Tot town- the diner.

The town bank.

Be a doctor or nurse in Stuffee's Clinic.

Go shopping!

Work the cash register!

See a firefighter hurry down the pole.

Shoot the water!

Firefighter's living quarters- see the pole.

Change a muffler at the car repair shop.

Giant baby at the nursery.

Weigh the baby.

Kakaako Waterfront Park, which is outside the museum, as seen from Aloha Tower.


111 Ohe St, Honolulu.
From Ala Moana Blvd, turn toward the ocean on Cooke St. This leads into the free parking lot.
Hours are 9-1 Tues-Fri, or 10-3 Sat and Sun. Closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, Dec 25, Jan 1, Labor Day, and all Mondays. Admission is $10 for adults, $6 for seniors, and free for infants under 1 year old.


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