Fort DeRussy Beach, Boardwalk, and Park, Waikiki

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Oahu, HI
Fort DeRussy Beach, Boardwalk, and Park, Waikiki
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This is one of the nicest parts of Waikiki because it has a spacious, open feel- there are large lawns, the huge wide beach, and wide boardwalk. The generous, paved boardwalk runs from Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon to Outrigger Reef Resort, half a mile. Then it becomes Halekulani Boardwalk, adding another half mile, but it is not all paved.

To swim at Fort DeRussy Beach in the morning or at sunset is such a delight! I love to jump in the water for a blissful swim, and then lay in the sun. Who needs a "spa treatment" when you can be rejuvenated like this?
Kids love to swim under the pier at low tide and visit the Army Museum. Little boys can climb on the cannons outside the museum or go inside and ride in a helicopter on the roof of the museum (see hours below). Next door at the Hilton Hawaiian Village kids can see koi and funny birds in rock ponds. On Friday nights after sunset at around 7:45pm you can watch fireworks on the beach. It makes for an all-around amazing outing with kids.
Make sure you walk the grounds of the Hale Koa Hotel because the trees and tropical flowers will delight you. The palms stretch way high to the sky. Near the entrance to the pool area there is a walkway into a cluster of pandanas palms- lovely! Walk the expansive lawn by the Army Museum to see the sausage tree with its funny fruit hanging from long cords. Cross Kalia Rd to enjoy more open space at Ainahau Triangle- it's just so nice to find these peaceful spots in the middle of the city!
The bar scene by the pool at Hale Koa Hotel and under the many blue umbrellas is a happening place at sunset- sit back and listen to the music and you'll know that you're in paradise.
There are public restrooms near the sand.
From the Fort DeRussy Boardwalk you can walk on the Halekulani Boardwalk and Sheraton Boardwalk in front of the grand hotels on the Waikiki Oceanfront Stroll.
Another attraction with military history is the USS Arizona Memorial.
Great Place to Stay: Embassy Suites Waikiki Beachwalk is a great place to stay right by Fort DeRussy Beach. Because the rooms are suites, parents with young children can stay awake in their own room after their kids go to sleep- this makes holidays so much more pleasant! It's a very short walk to one of the nicest sections of Waikiki Beach. Also within steps are the spacious lawns of Fort DeRussy and the Army Museum. Walk up the street and you'll find the shops of Waikiki Beachwalk, where there is often live Hawaiian music. Although the hotel is surrounded by many other high-rise hotels, you can see the ocean and the lawns of Fort De Russy from some of the rooms. The fourth floor grand lanai provides much fun with its warm swimming pool, jacuzzi, complimentary evening drinks, complimentary buffet breakfast, and Pakini bar.
For a fantastic night listening to first class live musicians (starting at 9pm) while feeling the breeze through your hair, head to the Hard Rock Cafe! This huge venue is so gorgeous that you won't want to leave.

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The pristine beach in front of the Hale Koa Hotel.

The abundance of palms that shade the huge lawn by the sea at the Hale Koa.

The wonderful palms and boulders on the seaside lawn at the Hale Koa Hotel.

Amazing purple bougainvillea and California palms, on the Hale Koa grounds.

Sausage Tree on the grounds of the Hale Koa Hotel, near the Army Museum.

The multi-colored tank outside the Army Museum.

Helicopter that kids can climb in, on top of the Army Museum (accessed through the museum).

The Army Museum, a fascinating museum to visit.

View of the lawns of Fort DeRussy, from Embassy Suites Waikiki Beachwalk.

Waikiki Beach Walk shops, near Fort DeRussy.

You can eat outside at the Hale Koa Hotel pool.

Live music in the evening at the Hale Koa Hotel pool.

Lush vegetation on Kalia Rd, near Fort DeRussy Park.

Plumeria tree on Kalia Rd near Fort DeRussy Park.

Views of Diamond Head from the east end of huge Fort DeRussy Beach.

Shady spot to sit and a red flowering tree in front of the Army Museum.

Yellow flowering tree in Fort DeRussy Park.

Bougainvillea at the Hale Koa Hotel.

Lush gardens in the Hale Koa Hotel.

Hawaii is amazing at night. No mosquitoes, no cold air...just perfection.

Banana trees lit up at night, in the Hale Koa Hotel grounds.

The east end of the Fort DeRussy Beach.

Sidewalk right at the water's edge on the east end of Fort DeRussy Beach.

Plumeria flower in the sand.

Kids playing at the shore.

Views of Diamond Head from the beach.

Fort DeRussy Beach and its palm tree shadows.

Walking along the wide boardwalk by the beach.

Little mounds in the grass at Fort DeRussy Beach Park.

Blossoming tree and walkway to the sea at Fort DeRussy Beach Park.

Sweet little flowers.

Purple star-shaped flowers.

Fan palm at Fort DeRussy Beach Park.

Tropical landscaping galore at Fort DeRussy Beach Park.

White spiral flower with glossy leaves.

Wonderful tree branch canopy at Fort DeRussy Beach Park.

Shady path.

Ainahau Triangle is a peaceful spot in the middle of the city that is Waikiki.

Tanks in front of the Army Museum.

Tiki statues and amazing monkeypod trees in front of the Army Museum.

The gorgeous lawn at Fort DeRussy.

See the amazing color of the ocean through the trees.

Sausage tree. So cute!

Sausages hanging from the sausage tree.

Looking toward the mountains.

Hills by the army museum.

Yoga class on the lawn.

The vibrant color of the ocean.

Banyan tree.

Breadfruit tree.


Little red cardinal bird.

Yellow hibiscus.

Ainahau triangle, a quiet sanctuary in the middle of the city.

Yellow blossoming tree.

Ainahau triangle is pretty.


There are a few great choices for parking. If you are in the military you can park in the Fort DeRussy parking off Kalia Rd. Lucky you! Here are the other choices:
The first is to park using the metered parking on Saratoga Rd. The only problem is it's time-limited and you may need to come back and put more quarters in.
The second option is to park in the Hilton Hawaiian Village parking. You can buy a drink at the bar on the beach and get your parking validated so that it's cheaper when you leave. From Ala Moana Blvd, turn onto Kalia Rd. Turn into the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel on your right. Follow the signs to the parking.
The third option is the parking near Ala Wai Yacht Club and the Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon. From Ala Moana Blvd coming from Waikiki direction, turn left onto Hobron Lane. Turn left again on Holomoana Street and follow it to the end. There is a parking lot at the end on your left. There is also parking all along Holomoana Street, and some shaded parking under the Ala Wai hotel. The parking lot parking is free. The shaded parking is metered.
The Hawaii Army Museum is open from 10-5. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays. You will see it as you drive along Kalia Rd. You can park in the military parking lot across from it and get your parking validated inside. Admission is free but a donation is appreciated.
Embassy Suites Waikiki Beachwalk is located at 201 Beachwalk Street, call (808) 921-2345.


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Tue, 27 Dec 2016

When I was stationed on oahu, waikiki was beautiful!!

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Tue, 22 Dec 2009

My boys love this museum. I think we are going this vacation.

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Thu, 15 Oct 2009

Beautiful Beach, Army Museum and USS Missouri a must-see.

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