Haleiwa Alii Beach, North Shore

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Oahu, HI
Haleiwa Alii Beach, North Shore
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Most people who want to learn to surf do it at Haleiwa Alii Beach. The waves are small and nicely shaped, and they break close to shore. You can see kids surfing here and it's cute to watch. Often I've seen surfers take their dogs out on their board with them! Swimming isn't good here because of the reef right by your knees and the brownish water. There's a huge lawn and some lovely palms. The sand is coarse and not as nice as other North Shore beaches. Walk west across the lawn and there's another beach with some calm spots where toddlers can play by the shore. Take a long stroll down the beach enjoying the views of Kaena Point in the distance. You can also walk on the huge lawn which stretches for 500 meters. 

If you're hungry, Haleiwa town is a fun place to go to get something to eat. There are lots of little casual places to dine. My favorite is Kua Aina Burger. Yum! Their Mahimahi sandwich is sooooo good! They grill it right there in front of you.
Another nice beach to learn to surf in Haleiwa, with lots of shade right by the water, is Pua'ena Point Beach Park. The water is a little more murky here though. 
A really gorgeous beach, Police Beach, is just five minutes east by car from here- enjoy the tidepools, rock spires, and the campground set of the TV show "Lost."
Other beaches on the North Shore from west to east are: Turtle Beach, where turtles laze on the sand; Waimea Bay, where you can have an incredible, refreshing summertime swim in the clearest water or relax on a large yellow-sand beach; Three Tables Beach, also a nice swim, and a small, shady beach; Pipeline Beach, where you can watch surf culture; Sunset Beach, a wide yellow sandy beach with large winter waves for surfers; and Turtle Bay Hilton Beach, a pretty and magical spot but with more chance of bad weather.

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The huge lawn that leads up to the beach- sometimes there are surf contest tents set up here.

A surfboard awaits its moment to glide.

Hanging out at Haleiwa Alii Beach- see the jetty for Haleiwa Harbor in the background.

Small, manageable waves at Haleiwa Alii Beach.

A young surfer checks out the scene.

Kaena Point is a pretty sight in the distance.

Walk west across the greenest lawn to another pretty beach.

Shade trees and more lawn to picnic on.

Gorgeous high mountains form the backdrop.

A shady spot to sit. The sand is not so nice though.

A local family explores a sheltered corner of the beach.

A hibiscus plant formed into a tree rather than a bush- what a delight!

The amazing colors of water and sand.

Storm brewing to the west.

Beautiful light at Haleiwa Alii Beach.

Surfboards galore!

A group of surfing families gather on a weekend morning.

Kids playing in the sand.

Shadows on the beach.

Sunset at the beach.

Colorful rooster.

Photographers at the Haleiwa Challenger surf contest 2021.

Beachgoers watching the Haleiwa Challenger surf contest in November 2021.

Beautiful Haleiwa Beach during a surf contest.

Arch of spray from a surfer during a contest.

Catching a nice ride at a contest.

Surfer at Haleiwa Beach.

Closeup of arch of spray from a surfer.

Closeup of female surfer during Haleiwa Challenger 2021.

Surfer during Haleiwa Challenger 2021.

Spray in the wind, during Haleiwa Challenger 2021.

Lazy afternoon at the surf contest.

Late afternoon light at Haleiwa Beach.

Boys hanging out at the surf contest.

Little yellow bird called a Saffron Finch, in the grass.


Haleiwa Alii Beach Park is located near 66-214 Haleiwa Rd, Haleiwa HI 96712. From Kamehameha Hwy heading south into Haleiwa town you will pass over Rainbow Bridge, a white narrow bridge. After the bridge, turn at the first right onto Haleiwa Rd. Turn right into the parking lot for the beach. There is plenty of parking, restrooms and showers. On the weekends it can be hard to find a parking spot.
Kua Aina Burger, 66-160 Kamehameha Hwy, call (808) 637-6067.


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Thu, 15 Oct 2009

used to live here, miss it.:(

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Thu, 01 Dec 2011

Another beautiful day... check!

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Sat, 10 Apr 2010

We went out at sunset with a hawaiian fisherman, no one was around

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Fri, 28 May 2010

This is FANTASTIC! We need you guys to come start a map here in Virginia!

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