Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach, Waikiki

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Oahu, HI
Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach, Waikiki
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Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach is on the far west end of Waikiki. Trees and large grassy lawns abound, and there's a ton of things for kids to do! This area is paradise for a toddler.

You can go from one cool activity to another starting at the grounds of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel. Walk among the shopping area that resembles a Japanese village with lanterns and a huge banyan tree. There's a Lappert's icecream shop, Honolulu Cookie Company, and ABC souvenir store. Stroll the grounds of the Hilton Hawaiian Village past the stream, waterfall, and hanging tropical flowers. Kids will love to see the turtles and koi fish.
Once at the beach, walk west along the path to the Rainbow Lagoon, a nice place to explore. You can paddle around the aquamarine waters in a paddle boat while looking up at the colorful tiled Rainbow Tower. Sunset is purply gorgeous as seen from the grassy area by the lagoon.
Walk across the sand to the ocean. You will find large grass-shack umbrellas that give shade, palm trees bending in perfect curves, and kids playing and having fun. This is a sheltered place to swim. There are always plenty of kids here for your little one to play with. The water can be a bit cloudy from all the sunscreen, so if you want clear water and less people swim or walk a few steps over to Fort DeRussy Beach.
After your swim your child can play on the toddler playground at the Hale Koa Hotel's huge grass lawn while you sit under one of the shade trees.
Walk through the lush grounds of the Hale Koa past the funny sausage trees to the Army Museum where your kids can climb on the cannons.
On Friday nights around 7:45pm, Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel hosts fireworks. These are free and they are some of the best fireworks you'll see! The show is short but features unusual fireworks that you don't see everywhere- ones that spin and swirl, or make other cool shapes. Sit on the warm sand at dark and watch them overhead. At 7pm on Friday nights, hotel guests can pay to see a hula show by the pool for $30 each. Come early to try to sit near the front for the best views of the show. You can also watch this show for free in a crowd of people outside the rope that blocks people from entering.
You can wash off your feet at a forceful tap on the beach near the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel. Restrooms and showers are along the sidewalk, between the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel and the Hale Koa Hotel.
Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel is one of the few hotels that has some new rooms. Many of the hotels in Waikiki are old and musty. You have to book one of the newer towers though. The views from the rooms are usually fantastic.

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The glorious beach at the Hilton Hawaiian Village!

The sand is cleaned by a sandbuggy every morning!

This area is absolutely magic at night!

There are lovely orchids at Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Yellow and pink hibiscus along the path between the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the Hale Koa Hotel.

Pink hibiscus.

The Japanese village area with convenience stores and restaurants sits beneath the sprawling branches of a beautiful old tree.

Statue in the pond at Hilton Hawaiian Village.

The amazing colors of the lagoon.

Paddle boats on the lagoon.

Fireworks amongst the palms, at Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach.

Nighttime view of the pool- evenings are so perfect in Hawaii!

The beach as seen from the Tapa Tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel.

The white sand beach in front of the Hilton.

View of Fort DeRussy and downtown Honolulu, as seen from the Tapa Tower.

Surfboards lined up on the shore.

Morning bliss at Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach.

Leafy trees around the resort.

Tropical plants along the walkways.

Hanging flowers.

The beach and walkway along the sand.

Rainbow by the beach walkway.

Hula show by the pool.

Nighttime view toward Ala Moana from the Kalia Tower.

View of the Rainbow Tower from the Kalia Tower at night.

Waterfall on the Kalia Rd side of the Kalia Tower.

The pool, beach, and jetty at night.

View of the lagoon.

View from the Kalia Tower.

View of the main pool, beach, and dock.

Dusk at Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach- perfection!

Bright beautiful day at the lagoon.

The colors of the water!

The Tapa Tower pool at night.

Japanese architecture in the Japanese lantern part of the hotel.

Front lawn and bridge.

Lawn and sign on the Ala Moana Blvd side of the hotel.

It's fun to see the fish in the ponds by the pool.

View of Hilton Hawaiian Village towers from the water.

Plumeria in the sand.

Fountain on the corner of Rainbow Dr and Kalia Rd, where you can go inside the Kalia Tower and find a Starbucks.

Statue on the hotel grounds.

A cute bird by a waterfall.

Coconut trees and path by the lagoon.

Lovely plants.

Dewdrops on a tropical flower.

Storm clouds gather over the lagoon in the late afternoon, as seen from Kalia Tower.

View from oceanview room in Kalia Tower, at night.

Honolulu Cookie Company, at Hilton Hawaiian Village- the cutest architecture.

Fish in the lagoon.

School of fish in the shallow lagoon.

Bird stepping into the lagoon.

Bird checking out the fish in the lagoon.

The island and jade green water of the lagoon.

View from the pier.

You can see tropical fish in the clear water below the pier.

Asian architecture.

Honolulu Cookie Company has a beautiful storefront.

Banyan tree and Asian architecture.

Strung lights.

View of Diamond Head from Tapa Tower.

View of the beach in front of the Hale Koa Hotel, from Tapa Tower.

View from the Tapa Tower in the evening.

Sunset view from the Tapa Tower.

Coconut trees near the pool and shops at night.

The beach at night!

Asian architecture lit up at night.

The pier at night.

Coconut trees reaching so high! At night.

Seating under red umbrellas outside a cafe.

Sculptures of hula dancers.

Breadfruit tree and Korean architecture.

Kids play in the lagoon.

Samoan architecture.

Breadfruit tree catching the light, and Korean architecture.

I love the shape of the Breadfruit tree leaves.

Shaded lagoon in the early morning. A nice place to walk.


Click on "satellite" on the map to see how nice this area is by air.
There are a few great choices for parking.
The first is the parking near Ala Wai Yacht Club and the Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon. From Ala Moana Blvd coming from Waikiki direction, turn left onto Hobron Lane. Turn left again on Holomoana Street and follow it to the end. There is a parking lot at the end on your left. There is also parking all along Holomoana Street, and some shaded parking under the Ala Wai hotel. The parking lot parking is free. The shaded parking is metered.
The second option is to park using the metered parking on Saratoga Rd. The only problem with it is that it is time-limited and you may need to come back and put more money in.
If you are in the military you can park in the Hale Koa Hotel parking off Kalia Rd. Lucky you!


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Wed, 10 Feb 2010

It's been an amazing trip on Oahu- highly recommmend!

star star star star star


Thu, 15 Oct 2009

Having lived in Waikiki for four years, I feel that I can now pass some accurate judgements about the place. Not as developed as beaches where I'm from yet some awesome nightlife. Parking is a battle but there are spots once you know them. Many establishments to choose from to eat, drink, dance and enjoy yourself. Beautiful island girls. Kalakaua Ave and its immediate surroundings is definitely best to hang out and a walk up and down the beach will reveal many great watering holes. Makes for an enjoyable visit, or extended stay...

star star star star star


Sat, 20 Mar 2010

lovely place for a picnic in the adjacent park or food from the nearly Hale Koa. We parked at the Hilton and had the parking validated by buying a glass of wine and getting parking validation stamped.

star star star star star


Fri, 23 Oct 2009

Going on another vacation to Hawaii this December to escape the Chicago cold weather!!

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