Kahala Beach

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Oahu, HI
Kahala Beach
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A lovely place for a dip in the ocean is secluded Kahala Beach, a thin strip of beach bordering the posh neighborhood of Kahala. There are plenty of trees lining this beach, but you need to duck or lie under them for shade because they are low. The water is clear as glass. Because it's shallow and there's lots of coral, swimming is more of a sitting-at-the-shore experience. But it's great for cuddling with a lover.

From here you can take a long relaxing stroll east to Waialae Beach Park, with its vine-covered picnic area, lawn dotted with palms, and bridge over a wide stream, and then to Kahala Resort Beach, with its picture-perfect island and lagoon with dolphins.
If you're hungry, head along Hunakai Street, and turn right onto Kilauea Ave. There's Kahala Mall on your left. For the best food nearby, eat at Olive Tree Cafe on the corner of Kilauea Ave and Pahoa Ave. Their reasonably-priced Greek food will wow you.

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Views of clear waters and Koko Head, from Kahala beach.

The shallow waters where you can play.

Lawns graced with coconut trees, at Kahala Beach.

Kahala Beach is quiet and rarely crowded.


From Waikiki, follow Kalakaua Ave to Diamond Head Rd, which becomes Kahala Ave. Park along Kahala Rd, and use any of the beach access walkways. This is a neighborhood beach so there are no restrooms or showers. The nearest restroom and shower is to the east at Waialae Beach Park- follow Kahala Ave northeast past the bridge.
Olive Tree Cafe, 4614 Kilauea Ave, Honolulu HI 96816, on the corner of Kilauea Ave and Pahoa Ave, call (808) 737-0303.


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Thu, 15 Oct 2009

I have fond memories of this area from when I was a kid. I had cousins living in Kahala and we used to visit for a few weeks every summer. I was never one for swimming or laying out on the beach, but in comparison to icy waters of the east coast, Honolulu was a dream. The ocean was warm, calm, and lying on the beach in the soft sand felt so good.

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Thu, 01 Dec 2011

Frosty morning here in Atlanta. This day last month I was sitting on a warm sandy Kahala Beach. Thankfully I be back in a few weeks!

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William D McDougall II

Sun, 08 May 2016

I was born in Hawaii just after WWII started, we lived on Kahala Ave. My Dad was in the Navy and my grandfather was taken prisoner on Wake Island. My grandfather died in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, in Japan. So for most of the war, it was only my mom, grandmother and me. I've been back three times and found where we lived on Kahala Ave. It is interesting, that you can have memories of hell and paradise, all from the same location.

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Sun, 08 Apr 2012

My memories of this beach are awesome. I was a student at Chaminade College and we would head to Kahala as our escape from Waikiki. What I would do to relive those wonderful times with the best of friends!

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Mon, 09 May 2016

I love reading all your comments about your memories of Kahala Beach. Thanks for posting!

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Fri, 23 Oct 2009

I am so ready!!!!!

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