Lyon Arboretum

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Oahu, HI
Lyon Arboretum
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If you want to see some jungle when you're in Hawaii, Lyon Arboretum is the answer! It is in Honolulu and yet it is a real rainforest! The walks are short enough that you can easily bring an older child. The hike to Inspiration Point (trailhead is at the beginning of the parking lot) takes you to a lawn with views of the stunning mountains covered in layers of trees, just ten minutes into the walk. The trees above you as you walk along will wow you and your feet will thank you for the well-maintained trails (not like Manoa Falls). The main problem with Lyon Arboretum are the incredible amounts of mosquitoes! They will swarm around you from the minute you hit the trail. MAKE SURE you have mosquito repellent on. The repellent makes you feel sticky, so head straight to the beach after for a swim.

In Hawaii there is a disease called Leptospirosis in the stream water, so avoid drinking or swimming in it.
Manoa town has a wonderful feel to it. Head over there to buy some lunch or a snack. There is a playground in a beautiful setting at Manoa valley District Park.
To introduce your toddler to tropical animals, get them this adorable touch and see book about rainforest animals in Hawaii, Rainforest Touch-N-See Hawaii. They will love it as my child did! And you can revisit your vacation memories every time you read it. 

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View from the parking lot. The mountains are just wonderful from Lyon Arboretum!

Cute beginning of the trail to Inspiration Point.

I love these trees that make layers on the mountains.

Light shining through a giant pink-bordered leaf.

The parking lot at Lyon Arboretum.

The layers of trees on the mountainsides.

Lily pond and gazebo.

A wonderful tree.

Lyon Arboretum is lush and tropical.


Exit the H1 Freeway at University Ave. Head north toward the mountains. Stay on University Avenue as it goes uphill and then downhill. It becomes Oahu Avenue. At the 5-way intersection, turn onto Manoa Rd. Follow it for a long way, past Paradise Park. At the end of Manoa Rd is Lyon Arboretum. There is a small parking lot.
3860 Manoa Rd, Honolulu, call (808) 988-0456.
You must sign in at the Visitor Center and you can make a donation if you wish.
Open M-F 8-4, Sat 9-3. Closed Sun, and all state and federal holidays.


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