Makua Beach, Makaha

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Oahu, HI
Makua Beach, Makaha
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Makua Beach is a long pale-sand beach with incredible mountain views. Stunning mountains of all shapes loom above you. Makua Beach is very much in the countryside with no condos or houses around, just military land, so it has a special feel. There are two distinct ends to the beach. The south end is more shadeless and exposed, and has a rock jutting out of the water that teens like to jump from. The color of the water is like nothing you've ever seen before. Unfortunately, there's often some trash dumped in the bumpy dirt parking lot. The north end has parking right by the road under the shade of some trees. A very short path leads down to the sand. Here there is some shade under the sand for non-swimmers to relax in. But don't be a non-swimmer here! This is one of the best swims you'll ever have! The water is not too deep so you can touch the bottom usually. The waves are bouncy. Crystal clear water, a horizon of shocking inky blue, and high inspiring mountains make this a must-swim spot! Scuba divers often come here, so you will feel a little safe that you're not alone. Beware, though, of strong currents, especially since there is no lifeguard. Take note, though, of the stripped cars and homeless encampments and don't leave any valuables in your car or on the beach.

While you're here, check out Makua Cave, across Farrington Highway and half a mile south. It is a lava tunnel that goes quite far into the mountain. Read about the legend of the shape-shifting shark god who visits this cave, in the book Exploring Lost Oahu by Ellie Crowe.
Eleven minutes drive south check out another perfect beach, Hawaiian Princess Beach, where you can swim in deep water or watch for turtles from the sand or walk around the headland. Ten minutes drive south, check out the adorable, cozy cove called Aki's Beach.
If you want to swim near a lifeguard, go to Yokohama Bay, six minutes north.

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A young man stands on the rock ready to jump in.

Kids swimming on the south end of Makua Beach. Notice the amazing colors of the water.

There's some trees way back on the beach, if you want to stand in the shade.

A young woman gets ready to jump off the rock.

The beach is wide, with amazing mountain views.

Across the road from the south entrance- gorgeous mountains, and another stripped car.

View of the northern end of Makua Beach, from the road.

The parking along the road at the northern end of the beach. Look at those mountains!

Someone snorkeling in the delightful waters at the northern end of the beach.

Shady parking where divers often park, on the northern end of the beach.

Pretty view of the beach and mountains, from the road.

Lovely shade on the north end of the beach.


The south end parking lot of Makua Beach is located by a short dirt road half a mile north of Makua Cave. The north end has shady parking right along the road under some trees.


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Ellie Crowe

Sat, 14 Oct 2017

Great photos!!

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