Manoa town

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Oahu, HI
Manoa town
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Manoa town is one of my favorite places on earth! It's just a humble (though very expensive) little town but there's a wonderful feeling to it! It is tucked back in a valley surrounded by majestic, deep green mountains. Every afternoon it rains HARD for about a minute. The sun keeps on shining, creating a huge arched perfect rainbow. Then the rain stops just as suddenly as it came. Because of the rain, the air is always fresh and new, and everything is green. Most cold, dreary places around the world are green because there is drizzling rain all day long, but in Manoa the green is created in a very efficient and convenient way!

Manoa town is mostly populated by older Chinese residents. You will also see UH grad students, but the younger UH students stick to the congested areas around King Street in Makiki.
If you're lucky enough to ever live in Manoa town you are blessed!
There aren't too many stores. There's a Safeway, Starbucks, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Longs Drugs Manoa Valley with a gorgeous mountain view in Manoa Marketplace (unfortunately there are many homeless people in this shopping center recently, 2022). There's a pretty creek that runs beside the McDonald's in this shopping center, and a Ronald McDonald statue!
A drive around Manoa will take you past old established neighborhoods with beautiful homes and gardens. Woodlawn Dr, Alani Dr and Paty Dr are good streets for a stroll. Drive up University Avenue and along East Manoa Rd, Oahu Avenue, and Manoa Rd to see truly stunning views of Manoa's mountain ridges, lush greenery, and homes you wish you owned! Many of the homes are historic Victorian and craftsman homes built in the 1920s and 30s. They have lovely bay windows, large eaves and balconies, and big shade trees in their yards. Walk along Beckwith St, McKinley St, and Lanihuli Dr for some good ones.
Just outside Manoa in Makiki, there are some very nice stores: Down To Earth Organic and Natural has every kind of organic item you would need and good hot food such as bean burgers at their deli counter. There is a peaceful banyan tree with a bench, by the parking lot for Longs Drugs Makiki, a nice place to sit and enjoy a healthy snack from Down To Earth, which is across the street. Kokua Market, further along on King Street, is a clean, easy-to-navigate natural grocery store. See addresses below.
There are two delightful parks with playgrounds in Manoa: the mystical feeling University Avenue Park and Manoa Valley Park, which is incredibly lush with gorgeous mountain views. Have a long wonderful walk around the campus of University of Hawaii Manoa and enjoy the old regal trees and the historical architecture. There you will find peaceful Japanese gardens. You could also take a muddy slippery hike to the stunning Manoa Falls. For a walk in the jungle, head over to Lyon Arboretum.

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The prettiest Safeway in the country, surrounded by green mountains!

Fruit tree in a garden of a historic home on Beckwith St.

Views of the misty mountains deep in the valley.

I love the green mountains! Seen from Beckwith St.

House with kermit green mountain backdrop.

Flowering palm.

See all the little houses on the mountain behind.

Manoa house and garden.

Mansion in the distance on the mountain.

Pretty home with ample eaves on Beckwith St.

This house is cute and beautifully situated.

Tropical garden.

Choice mountain view from all angles!

Canopy of large shade trees on Lanihuli Dr.

Tall tree on Beckwith St.

View of Manoa Valley from St Louis Heights.

Wonderful trees outside Longs Drugs.

The lush trees and bright mountains in Manoa Valley, outside Safeway supermarket.

I love the bright mountains in Manoa Valley, and the green everywhere.


From the H1 Freeway, exit at University Ave and head north toward the mountains. Continue along University Ave, uphill then downhill. Turn right on E. Manoa Rd. Manoa Marketplace will be on your right.
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Manoa Marketplace, 2754 Woodlawn Dr, Honolulu, HI 96822.
These stores are nearby in Makiki:
Down To Earth Organic and Natural, 2525 S King St, call (808) 947-7678‎.
Kokua Market Natural Foods, 2643 S King St, call (808) 941-1922‎.


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Tue, 22 Dec 2009

You all should be going to manoa! It is so chill.

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Tue, 06 Oct 2009

Yep, arrived about a month ago! great!

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