Sunset Beach, North Shore

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Oahu, HI
Sunset Beach, North Shore
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NOTE (2018): Severe erosion is making this area dangerous. The bike path has been moved away from the collapsing cliff, and parking has been restricted along the road.

During the summer, this is a blissful place to swim. There's a nice deep dropoff so you can tread water to your heart's content. Sometimes the water pushes you up the slight slope at the shore and it's a lot of fun. On the right there's some reef where the visibility is great for snorkeling and you can see lots of fish of all types! There is no shade except under a few palms (but it doesn't matter because you'll be in the water the whole time anyway!). There is ample golden sand for everyone to sit on the beach.
During the winter, watch the surfers catch the big swells!
Beaches on the North Shore from west to east are: Haleiwa Alii Beach, a less-appealing beach, but great spot to learn to surf; Turtle Beach, a small beach with lots of rocks and some swimming; Waimea Bay, where you can have an incredible, refreshing swim in the clearest water, on a large yellow-sand beach; Three Tables and Shark's Cove, also a nice swim, and a small, shady beach; Pipeline Beach, where you can watch surf culture; Sunset Beach, which also has large winter waves for surfers; and Turtle Bay Hilton Beach, a pretty and magical spot but with more chance of bad weather.

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Summer beachgoers.

Calm summer day at Sunset Beach.

A wonderful swim on a flat summer day!

Swimmers cooling off in the water.

Guys posing for a photo at the shoreline.

Looking toward the hills from the beach.

Rainbow over the winter waves.


Sunset beach is alongside Kamehameha Hwy. Pull off into the row of parking spaces along the road.
There are restrooms and showers across the street.
There is no shade.


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Sat, 10 Apr 2010

Beam me up Scottie I need to be there!!

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